How to Know When You are Ready to get Married

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way discusses how couples decide they are ready for marriage.

    Rev. Bill Cochran: Hi, I am Rev. Bill Cochran. I am the owner of the company Say 'I do' your way. In this company both my wife Joyce and myself offer our services as Weeding Officiants as well as Marriage Counselors. We specialize in pre-marriage counseling and quite often find ourselves even involved in pre-premarriage counseling. Today I would like to discuss with you the area of -- how do I know if I am ready to get married? And that is where the pre-pre-marriage counseling comes in often. You would be surprised how many couples are really dealing with that. So today we would like to try to answer some of those questions.

    First let me tell you briefly about myself. I studied Religion in Pacific Union College in California and then received my Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University in Michigan and served for 35 years in typical type of pastor roles. For the past five years I have been serving as a Wedding Officiant on a full time basis.