How to Layer Tiramisu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Salvatore Caniglia demonstrates how to assemble the ladyfingers with the cream and the coffee.

    Salvatore Caniglia: Hi, my name is Salvatore from Buon Appetito and today we are making a Tiramisu and this is the final step where I assemble the ladyfingers with the cream and the coffee. So what we want to do is I am going to put the layer of Mascarpone cream into this plate first, as the first phase, just a little bit, like so. This will also have to keep the ladyfingers in place so that that will move around. So while I do is I will start from the outside the plate and work my way in so you will form the shape of the final product which will be in a like a little round. Make sure you don't soak them too long or else they will become too soggy and then you can also break them off, if you have to fit them in small little places, like this. Absolutely fine, like this, this should be fine. This is basically our first layer. So let's do this, with more cream, like so, like this. And again now we are going to start with the second layer, second and final layer. Now put them pressed across like this. It's absolutely fine to break the ladyfingers apart if you need smaller pieces like this, would have been here. This is our second layer of ladyfingers and this one also we will cover with remainder of our Mascarpone cream. So we will have nice finished edge, and I will just break them off with the sugary side on the outside and just put it around like this. So this is my personal touch here by doing the ladyfingers standing up like this just to finish and make it a nice longer shape, but this is absolutely not necessary only if you want to do it or if you have some of the ladyfingers leftover, absolutely fine. The last thing we can do is to top the top with cocoa powder which will give it a nice little chocolate flavor. Okay, this Tiramisu would be sized that we will make today will be enough to serve 12 people and this is going to be finished for sure.