How to Lower Your Energy Bill

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Learn some simple yet effective ways to lower your energy consumption, and save money all year long.

    Yancey Lowe: Hello! I am Yancey Lowe, General Manager of Utility Service Express. I am here today to show you a few things that any home owner can do to help to lower your HVAC bills and to improve indoor air quality. Some of these things are how to properly you change your filter, how to properly use the dampers in your ductwork. I am going to also teach you how to use your hand to feel for air leaks, and how to seal them correctly. Another thing we will be doing is showing you the proper way of cleaning registers and return grilles and one more thing I want to do is I am going to take you to the attic and I am going to show you a few tips on how to just lower your heat bill.

    As we walk through, each one of these steps, different tools and materials we will need. Some of these tools are going to include a damp rag, cleanness appliance. Before we begin, safety always comes first. When working on a unit, make sure the electricity is cut off if necessary. Also we will be really careful when working with sheet metal or around sharp objects. But before we start, I want to say just a little about myself. I have a four year degree in Psychology and I am also Universal CFC certified. I also have certifications in NATE for air conditioning, heat pump and gas furnaces. Well, now let's get ready to go ahead and start lowering those energy bills and improving the indoor air quality. There you go.