How to Make a Balloon Baseball Cap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Balloon artist Dale Obrochta demonstrates how to make a balloon baseball hat.

    Dale Obrochta: Hi! My name is Dale, the Magical Balloon-dude. I am a professional balloon entertainer, and what we are going to be doing today is making a baseball hat. Now this is going to required two balloons, so pick out the favorite two colors you want. I am using white and blue and what we are going to do is we are going to blow these balloons up all the way and when you blow them up, you are going to remember these are 60 inch balloons, so we have got big balloons we working with here.

    Now, this is a very simple quick hat. We are going to do is a fold twist, but it's going to be larger than normal because we are going to slide the balloon through, kind of like how we did with the frog or we made the sword handle, but it's going to be twice the sword. So what we are going to be using is almost a good eight to nine inches of balloon. Fold it in half, give it a little twist right there. Take this nozzle and wrap it right into there. So we have created a big loop.

    Now, we are going to make another loop, the same size, so we can measure. Once we get them together, twist them identical, have it like a sword without a handle. We are going to take the white balloon feed it in through the loop and slide this forward. We are going to make a bubble followed by another bubble. So we have two little bubbles. We will twist them together and wrap them around to lock them. We bring this bubble in, bring it together, lock it in, give it a couple of spins. You get the back end of the balloon. Get your baseball cap. Put on your head.

    You can adjust it by sliding these rings back. What we are going to do is give the balloon bend like baseball cap. That little bend like players like to do. Just give it a little bend. Bring it together, and give a little bend like that. All I do, just pinch the balloon together, grab it. We are ready for baseball. After this, we are going to do little fishing. We are going to catch a fish.