How to Make a Balloon Fish

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Balloon artist Dale Obrochta demonstrates how to make a balloon Fish.

    Dale Obrochta: Hi! I am Magical Balloon-dude Dale. I am a multiple balloon entertainer and everything I do requires three to six balloons. In this segment, we are going to learn how to make a fish.

    Now, to start off, we are going to need three balloons. Now, these balloons are to be inflated almost all the way. We are just going to have about or maybe a half inch tip. What we are going to is squeeze the balloons. By doing this we are going to fill up that rest of those tip. Makes the balloon a little softer and it's not going to explode on us. We are going to do is measure the balloon and actually find the half of the balloon. So we are going to find the half, twist it. We are going to make a one inch little bubble. Twist it and it creates a pinch, twist. Make another one inch bubble, going to turn that into a pinch, twist. So we are bringing those together pulling and twisting.

    Now, we are going to take the ends. If they don't match that's okay. We are going to do a one inch bubble followed by another one inch bubble, and take these two ends, bring them together and I am going to twist them around each other, lock them together. The front of the fish, the back of the fish.

    Now, what we are going to do, take our third balloon and we are going to take this knot and twist it right into the mouth, wrap it around so it locks it in. We will take this nozzle and twist it in, we are going to find opposite half like we did earlier. Give it a low twist, take the two bring together and we are going to take this and we are going to twist them in, in and around.

    Now, we are going to find the first about five inches and then take next the five inches to six inches, bend creating a loop and spin. Alright, we will do the same thing earlier this time. So we are going to measure. You can see, where to start and notice these are the two flippers of the fish, and what we are going to do is take this point right here bring it forward. We are coming up about four inches, we are going to pinch it and give it a twist, and you got to hang on to it. Give it a little twist, straightening this out. We are going to get a straight end. So lips straight point comes back.

    Now, what we are going to do is take our third balloon. We are going to make a one inch bubble, and this is first time we have done this. So I am making a pinch, twist. Then I will hold at this end and then twist them together. That will create a pinch, twist and make a one inch bubble and then make another pinch, twist. So we have two pinch, twists together. We will take those pinch, twist and wrap it around and in between the other balloon and this becomes the eyes. We will go about three inches up. We will do another bend and bring it back and what we are try doing is following the contour, contour or concave through. Do a twist into the other balloon and you take this tip, this little piece right here and we bring it into the tail end.

    Now, to finish this, what we are going to do is pull it and if we very carefully spin it and spin and spin and spin, you will get the fish tail. Set the mouth out. We now have our fish. Add a couple eyes. We now have our fish.

    I hope you enjoyed this segment of learning how to doing balloon animals. Have a great day!