How to Make a Balloon Monkey

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Balloon artist Dale Obrochta demonstrates how to make a balloon Monkey.

    Dale Obrochta: Hi! My name is Magical Balloon Dude Dale. I am a professional balloon entertainer. I do multiple balloon animals and what we are going to be learning how to do today is make balloon animals and the one that we have chosen to make is a monkey. Now the fun part about the monkey is we are going to using two balloons.

    Now let's start with the first balloon and the first balloon is just going to be a small portion. We are going to start off with what's called an Apple Twist. To do an apple twist, we take the knot and with our finger, shove it into the balloon and use these fingers to grab the knot. We are going to take it and twist and the knot is actually locked in here, and I am going to hang onto it. Let's fold it, pinch it and twist again, and I am going to spin these to lock them together to create the monkey's face with the eyeballs.

    What we are going to do is set this balloon down now and actually start looking with our second balloon. Now this balloon is blown up partly halfway. We are going to start off with the series of five bubbles. We are going to make five of these. Just like we did in the Teddy Bear's head. Make another bubble, another one inch bubble. Now, we are going to make them all the same size. We are going to take this nozzle, grab it, twist it, spin it, pull it through and bring it down. This is where we use the second balloon. We will take the second balloon. We are going to insert it into the face. We are going to have it -- now like the teddy bear, we are going to have to squeeze and twist and I will take this one, squeeze and twist.

    What we are going to do is twist probably one inch bubble. This is going to be the back of the monkey's head. Now, to break a balloon, we are going to go farther into the balloon, twist it with your fingers or something sharp, just pop the balloon. Take the balloon hold onto that spot. We are going to bring it in and say let's tie it first. Tie it, we have a knot. Take this bring it down around. Bring it back up through around and that locks everything nice and tight.

    Now we are going to do the body. To do the body, we start off with a leg followed by a small bubble for the foot. Make another one and a half inch bubble and twist together. So, we got a leg, bubble, bubble, leg. We do the body, now what we are going to do here, we are going to do small bubble, make another little one inch bubble and you take these two bubbles, twist them together and then twist them in here. Show you what that is in a minute. Now we take do another leg. Do a small bubble, small bubble, doing another leg which is the same size and locking them together. To bring the tail up, twist it in there. See, now we have a little monkey butt.

    Now what we do is we take the tail, we bend it a little. We now have our little monkey. Now to finish up the monkey what we do is we add some eyes to it. Another eye and a little nose. We now have our little monkey, with monkey butt. Now from the monkey what we are going to learn next is the parrot.