How to Make a Balloon Sword & Flying Mouse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Balloon artist Dale Obrochta demonstrates how to make a balloon Sword.

    Dale Obrochta: Hi! My name is Dale, the Magical Balloon Dude. What we are going to be learning today is how to do balloon animals and the first thing we are going to is learn how to make a Sword. We are going to start out with the fully inflated 260Q balloon. We are going to actually just leave a little tip at the very beginning and what we are going to is all we start from the tip, the nodded end and work down.

    What we are going to do is make the handle in the beginning, where I take a twist of the balloon, we just give the little pinch and we twist it and making sure we hang on to it otherwise it unspins, twist it about three about times. We fold give the balloon a little squeeze. As we twist we lock it in, give it another little squeeze and what we are trying to do is twist the two together. So we have got another one. We do it one more time. Again, I squeeze this, you will notice that we have no more balloon left. We have now created our basic sword.

    Then we blow it up, we fold twist, we fold twist, we fold twist which gives us our shield which is the basic balloon twist. Now, what we are going to do is actually a Flying Mouse, which is another very popular animal and what we are going to is start off with the balloon but this time we are going to blow it up not all the way, we are just going to blow it up little ways. What we are going to do is twist, again the air will be forced the opposite way. We are going to hang on to it. This is going to be the face. We will twist again and twist and we are going to take these and we will lock them together.

    Now we have our little mouse. To finish our mouse up what we are going to do is actually draw eyes, some whiskers, another eye, whiskers. We now have our flying mouse. It is a simple little mouse. To make it fly what you do is like the Okay sign, like this is really cool. We put it in here and if you let go, we have our flying mouse. So, those are the basic twists that you need to get started, are the Fold Twist, the Locking Twist for the ears and the mouse and also tying the balloon up and inflating it. So you need to practice this a little just to get accustomed to it and you too now make a sword and a flying mouse, that will keep the kids occupied for hours at any birthday party or a fest.

    Next, what we are going to learn how to do is make a dog and from what we have learned already those basic fold twists and tying a balloon and all those other cool things. We will able to make a three twist dog with no problem. So stay tuned for that.