How to Make a Balloon Teddy Bear

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Balloon artist Dale Obrochta demonstrates how to make a balloon Teddy Bear.

    Dale Obrochta: Hi! My name is Magical Balloon Dude Dale. I am a professional balloon entertainer and what we are going to learn today is to make some balloon animals and what the animal we are going to learn to make, the how to animal is the Teddy Bear. Now the teddy bear we will start out with a balloon that we tied off at the end, that is half way inflated.

    Now, we are going to be using a series of twist that we have learned in the first beginning video of how to make a sword and also including what we have learned with the poodle. Now we are going to build these steps slowly. We are going to start off with one bubble and we are going to move over, pinch and twist again. So we have two bubbles. We are going to make a series of seven total. So, we are going to another five bubbles. We do a one inch bubble. Another one inch bubble and we are going to do five of these total. So if you look, we have the two original bubbles and then five and we put them together and we twist them. This will give us a hook shape or a large poodle type face. What we are going to do is push this balloon in. So we have a really funny looking face here.

    Now, what we are going to do now is take our hand and squeeze this balloon down these up. Then we will free this balloon up what we are going to is take it and pull it and give it a little twist. That will give us one inch. I take it again, pinch, twist. We now have our teddy bear head. We are going to actually make the body. Now to produce the body it's like doing the sword. We are going to fold. We will give it a twist. Again, fold and we give a little pinch twist here to make it easier and twist then. So we have two arms, a head, we will do a body.

    Now to make the tail, what we are going to is we are going to squeeze the air, make a little bubble, come around and slide it and lock it through. We then are going to twist this balloon down into the center which gives us the tail. We are going to twist this a couple of times and to add the face, let's start with an eye, another eye, eyelashes, other eyelashes, a little mouth with a couple of holes. We now have a little teddy bear. Take the hands and you twist it, ti becomes a dancing teddy bear.

    So hopefully you learned something in this video. A little practice and you too will be able to make a teddy bear and next thing coming up is a monkey. So, we are going to incorporate another balloon and we will learn how to do a monkey. So enjoy your teddy bear and get ready for the monkey.