How To Make A BBQ Chicken Sandwich

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Evelyn Paul demonstrates how to make a quick and easy chicken bbq sandwich.

    Chef Evelyn Paul: Hi! I'm Chef Evelyn Paul with Kroger. And today I'm making quick and easy barbeque chicken sandwiches. I've already heated my oven to 400 degrees, and while that's heating, I'm going to start making my chicken packets.

    I'm going to start with some foil that I've already precut, some heavy duty foil, 1218 is a good size. I'm going to prepare that by spraying just a little bit of nonstick cooking spray in the center. Now I'm going to add one teaspoon of Honey Barbecue Sauce to the center of the foil. I've already thawed out three five ounce pieces of chicken breast. I'm going to put the chicken breast directly on the center, on top of the barbecue sauce. I'm going to add another teaspoon of barbecue sauce on top of my chicken and I'm going to spread that all over the breast, nice and even. Now I'm going to add a little bit of ground black pepper, just about a pinch, just on top. I've already sliced some multicolored bell peppers. I've red, green, orange, you can choose whatever color you like. I also have some sliced white onions. I'm going to add a couple of slices of the onions on top of my chicken breast, couple of slices of the peppers, so you've the nice spiciness of the onions and the sweetness of the peppers flavoring our chicken breast. And now I'm going to seal this into a nice packet. I'm going to just seal the top, fold it nice and tight, because you want the steam to stay in there and cook the chicken, and then we're going to seal up the sides. It doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure it's nice and tightly sealed, here.

    Then I'm going to bake this in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, just until the chicken is no longer pink. If you're using a thermometer, that should read about a 165 degrees. So I'll put this in here.

    So now I'm going to open up the packet, you could smell all the onions and the peppers and then I'm going to add one slice of American Cheese on top, and then I'm going to seal this up, so that the steam can melt the cheese, and I'm going to set it aside for about two minutes for the cheese to melt, and then I'm going to open that back up so we can get that nice cheesy gooey goodness.

    So now that my cheese is all melted, I'm going to make the sandwich. We're going to place the chicken and the peppers and the cheese on there and then I'm just going to add a little more barbecue sauce, because I love barbecue sauce. Nice tangy, sweet barbecue sauce. You don't have to, but I like to.

    And here you've an easy barbecue chicken sandwich that your whole family will enjoy.