How to Make a Caipirinha Drink

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Javier Quiroga demonstrates how to make this special Brazilian drink.

    Javier Quiroga: Hello, my name is Javier Quiroga and I am with the To Your Taste Catering and today we are be going to showing you how to make Caipirinha, a Brazilian drink which is delicious, little powerful, just have one but it is delicious. It's a very, very simple drink. You will be able to impress all your friends by making it. We need limes, we need sugar, just regular sugar, we need ice, we need a cutting board to be able to cut the limes, we need a muddler, okay, to muddle the lime and we need a just a low ball rocks glass and we need little measurer for people who want to measure; you don't have if you don't want to and then the main ingredient which is Cachaca which is a liquor made out of sugarcane. Okay. So let's get started right away. Then we have got a quarter of these limes, let me cut them to half moons, okay.

    Basically what you are doing, you are cutting it down the middle ones, alright, and you do need a sharp knife because the skin on the lime is little tough. So you always want a sharper knife than the duller knife for safety reasons, of course. Then once you cut it into half set it down, cut it again here, alright, and cut it one time here and one time here, so out of one half a lime you are getting six pieces of lime, okay, and that should be enough for one small drink of Caipirinha. What you want to do? Put the limes in there, alright, put them in there. And you will have to use the muddler although I do recommend that you just crush it by hand or just squeeze the limes into it if you don't have, if you really want to get the drink very quickly.

    Alright, so you got that. Then you are going to put sugar probably about a tablespoon of sugar in there just enough to cover the limes, okay. See that just enough to cover the limes not too much. Once you start muddling it, it's going to create sort like a paste, okay. So I want to go ahead and just do this like this, I am making a paste. Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink comes from Brazil and it's the national drink actually. And nowadays you can get it at any Brazilian restaurant or actually all of the different restaurants have the Caipirinha, alright. We are done here, muddled in, okay. You see how that turned out, okay. So all you do basically is just put the limes, sugar and just muddle it really quick, alright. Now we want to fill this with ice and my brother told me that crushed ice works better so I like to drink me drink very fast, I don't have time to crush that. But you can crush it any time, just inside a bag or you can do it in a blender or something or your refrigerator or your freezer might have a crushing feature on it, okay.

    We have got a little ice in here, little ice in there, alright. And that's a drink basically. Now you are going to put the Cachaca which is as I mentioned earlier it is the sugarcane liquor very similar to vodka or like a gin. So go ahead and pour that in, you want to do about two and a half ounces there, it should be ready to go and then maybe just a little mix here, to get the sugar rolling. Alright, perfect and you got your Cachaca and if you want to garnish it with a little lime you can. You know how I am. I think presentation is the best, so everything comes into your eyes, okay. We have your Cachaca and the great thing about Caipirinha is if you drink the first one, the second one is much better because the sugar is already dissolved in there and everything else, it's very, very nice. So, it works, okay. So cheers to you and to the Caipirinha, delicioso.