How to Make a Chicken Pot Pie

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care and Shirley Dolland, Manager of the Betty Crocker Kitchens, demonstrate how to make a chicken pot pie– a delicious example of a healthy meal for seniors.

    Mary Alexander: Hi, I am Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care.

    Shirley Dolland: I am Shirley Dolland, Manager of the Betty Crocker Kitchens. When it comes to nutrition for seniors, it's important to get them eating foods with proper nutrients. Here is a great tasty recipe for making a wholesome chicken potpie that's ready in only 30 minutes.

    We're going to start with one half cup of can condensed reduced fat, reduced sodium cream of chicken soup.

    Mary Alexander: And that's half a cup.

    Shirley Dolland: That's just a half cup. Then we want to do 1/4th cup of fat free milk. So we are just going to stir that together and then, what we are going to do is stir in one cup of vegetables.

    Mary Alexander: What kind of vegetables do you use in chicken potpie?

    Shirley Dolland: You can use any kind that you want. Here we are using a variety that's mixed.

    Mary Alexander: Okay.

    Shirley Dolland: I am stirring the vegetables and also one half cup of cooked chicken. I am just going to stir this together, nothing difficult about this. Now what we are going to do is take this to the microwave and microwave it for 3 minutes.

    Mary Alexander: Oh, Shirley that smells so good.

    Shirley Dolland: Isn't that awesome?

    Mary Alexander: It is, now tell me why did you microwave it for 3 minutes?

    Shirley Dolland: Okay, when you are making a chicken potpie you want to be able to have that filling already very hot before you put the crust on, that way it will cook a lot faster when you put it in the oven.

    Mary Alexander: Great tip.

    Shirley Dolland: Now you are ready to make one at home, right?

    Mary Alexander: I am going to try.

    Shirley Dolland: Okay, let's start then with the topping. So I am going to start with one half cup of Bisquick Heart Smart mix, two table spoon of egg substitute and finally 1/4th cup of fat free milk, just going to give this a very quick stir.

    Mary Alexander: Okay.

    Shirley Dolland: Just a few stirs, we've got that ready here and then we are just going to simply pour that right over the top. Now during the baking, it will spread out and cover the entire area. Don't worry about running over the entire pie, just give that a quick. And finally, I am going to put this into an oven and bake for twenty minutes set for 100 degrees or until the top is just golden brown.

    Mary Alexander: Oh Shirley, it looks perfect.

    Shirley Dolland: And doesn't it smell wonderful too?

    Mary Alexander: It does.

    Shirley Dolland: You know, what now what we can do with this next is to dress it up just a little bit, simply take a little bit of snipped parsley and we can sprinkle that on the top. Just makes it a little more festive and again because seniors might not have a great appetite, it just gives a little more appetite appeal.

    Mary Alexander: It looks great.

    Shirley Dolland: Good.

    Mary Alexander: And there you have it a quick, delicious and easy chicken potpie.

    Shirley Dolland: Enjoy.