How To Make A Coconut Easter Basket Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Linda Stahl, Director of the Hershey Kitchen demonstrates how to make a coconut Easter basket cake.

    Linda Stahl: Hi! Linda Stahl with Hershey's kitchens. Today I'm going to be showing you, how to make a Mounds Coconut Easter basket cake. To get started, we're going to first make the cake. So I've got the packaged cake mix with the pudding in the mix. This is about 18 ounce cake mix and to that, we're going to add one cup water, one quarter cup vegetable oil and three eggs. First thing, we'll do is moisten all the ingredients at a low speed. Once all your ingredients are moistened then increase your speed and I am going to beat this for about two minutes. All right, I've finished beating this, and the last thing, I'm gong to do before I put this into my pans, is to stir in one half cup of the Mound sweetened coconut flakes. Our coconut is stirred in and so now, we're ready to put this into our pans. I am going to put about half the batter in each pan. So we're ready to bake our cakes in a preheated 350 degree oven for 22 to 25 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted into the center comes out clean. Our cakes are baked and while they're cooling completely, we're going to go ahead and make the frosting. To do we're going to add one third cup of softened butter to one cup powdered sugar, and one teaspoon vanilla. We're going to mix this until it's well blended.

    So when this is well blended, you are going to start adding three to four table spoons of milk alternately with remaining two-and-a-half cups of powdered sugar. All right, it looks like our frosting is done. Our cakes are cooled and our frosting is made. So now, we're going to start to put our cake together. When you take the first layer and place that on our serving platter with the top side down, so we have this nice even layer to work with, a little bit of frosting there, I'm going to spread this out, getting it fairly close to the edges and then we'll place the second layer on top of that.

    So now we're going to frost the sides of the cake and we're ready to do the next step which is to put a 6 inch circle into the center of our cake. To do that, I'm going to be using a cereal bowl. I've already measured it, it does measure six inches across. So I'm just going to simply place it in the center of my cake, I'm going to use my fork to mark those edges. Then what I'm going to do is use that fork to take out a portion of the cake.

    So the next thing we need to do to finish frosting the cake is to frost just this top circle. Now, what we need to do, is wait a little bit for the frosting to set up and we can go on to our next steps. Our frosting is firm enough that we can now start to put the pattern on the side of the cake. I'm going to simply do that by using the tines of a fork and putting alternating fork marks, into the side of the cake, I'm going to start with the bottom and then when that's finished do a second row, and which we'll see when we have all these markings on here, the sides of your cake are going to resemble the weave of an Easter basket.

    All right, the patterning is done on our cake and so now, we're ready to put the handle on to our cake. Find your center spot and then just simply push it down into the cake, it should stay in position like that and the next thing we'll do is frost the top of this handle, just kind of support your handle as you are putting the frosting on there. So there's the handle and what we need to do now is decorate that handle before the frosting gets too firm and I'm going to decorate mine today with Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans and I'm just going to simply start pressing these on to the cake alternating colors and then the next thing, I want to do, I'm going to take the twizzlers, cherry pull-n-peel candy, we are going to put little edging on the handle. It gives it a nice finished edged. To continue decorating my basket, I'm now going to take some coconut that I've already tinted green. What you will do is take a plastic food storage bag, add three quarters of the teaspoon water to the bag, along with about three drops of your green food coloring, add a cup or so of your coconut flakes and then you will toss the bag or need the bag until the color is evenly distributed among your coconut, and you've got a nice even color. So this is the grass, that you always fill your easer baskets with.

    So what I'm going to do is decorate this edge of the cake with some more of my twizzlers, cherry pull-n-peel candy, I have separated the large piece into groups of three strands. I'm going to twist them slightly and press them into the frosting and now I'm going to add jelly beans to base of the cake.

    Again, I'm going to be joining the alternating colors. All right, so our cake is decorated. It looks very much like an Easter basket and so now, we're ready to fill with our Hershey's candies. I'm going to be filling my basket today with the Hershey's candy coated milk chocolate eggs.

    The Hershey's milk chocolate eggs, Hershey's kisses milk chocolates and Reese's miniatures peanut butter cups. And there you have it, a Mounds Coconut Easter Basket Cake. A desert anyone would love for Easter. Enjoy.