How To Make A Duct Tape Passport Lanyard

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duct tape craft expert Jonathan Webster demonstrates how to make a duct tape passport lanyard.

    Jonathan Webster: Hi I am Jonathan Webster, duck tape craft expert. Today I am going to show you how to make duck tape passport holder. You will need one or more roles of colored or printed duck tape. I am going to be using teal and mustache print, a length of cord or string for bringing around your neck, one hook and loop fastener, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a ruler, a cutting board and a plastic buckle.

    So let's get started. Cut out several five inch strips of solid cord duck tape and apply them together to form a sheet of duck tape fabric. The sheet will be 57 inches. Repeat the step by making an identical sized sheet. Do any trimming with a pair of scissors or craft knife to make them identical.

    Then cut out one 5 inch strip and cut it in half length wise, take one half of this strip and double over one of the 5 inch long ends of the sheets to create a rounded edge. Take other half of the 5 inch strip and repeat this process on the other sheet. Cut out one 5 inch strip and one 7 inch strip. The 5 inch strip should be used to connect the bottom of the two sheets, the 7 inch strip should be cut in half lengthwise and each half should be used to connect the size of the sheets.

    You will be left with a pocket which has only one end open which is the top. Cut out six different tapes that are 5 inches long and make a sheet of tape that is four inches high. Cut out one extra five inch strip and use this to connect this sheet to the back of the pouch. Attach it in a way so that the sheet can fold over the opening in the pouch and attach on the front of it. This will serve as lid of the pouch.

    For the closure strap, cut a 3 inch piece of tape and then cut out a small 1" 1" piece of either end of the strip. Fold the entire strip in half and then use the exposed sticky part to attach the strip to the bottom part of the lid. Use one piece of hook and loop fastener to sew it closed and press down firmly.

    Now cut a 4 inch and 5 inch strip of your printed duck tape and cut the four inch strip in half lengthwise. Use these three pieces to round off the edges of the lid. Cut out two five inch strips and attach them together, then cut out one strip of tape that is four inches long and cut the four inch strip in half lengthwise. Now take the cord and lay it over the back of the pouch.

    Apply the solid color strip to that you have over the top of this cord which will effectively attach it to the passport holder and attach each piece vertically to the edges of the 5 inch strip that you have already completed. Take a 5 inch strip of tape, cut it in half lengthwise and then use that to sew up the top and bottom areas of the strip that contains the cord. Use the passive tightener to adjust the length of the cord if desired. That's how you make a duck tape passport lanyard.