How to Make a Duct Tape Purse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Duck brand Duct Tape representative Kristy Kalnitzky demonstrates how to craft a purse from scratch using the world’s stickiest and most versatile tool.

    Kristy Kalnitzky: Hi! I am Kristy Kalnitzky with Duck Brand Duck Tape and we are making duck tape crafts today.

    Next I am going to show you how to make a duck tape purse. Pick your favourite color duck tape, I am going to work with Purple today and cut five strips that are about 14 inches long, and we are going to make a fabric. How you do that, is place it's sticky side up like this, the measurements are never really exact. You can just eye-ball it or make it to the size that you want and have each strip overlap the other just slightly.

    So, I have my five strips laid out and I am going to cover the other side and cover-up the sticky part. You can add more strips, if you want, it will just make a larger purse but make sure that you are overlapping all of the tape otherwise your purse may fall apart. You can also use different colors because this is actually the inside of your purse. So, if you want your liner a pattern or a darker color, this is the time to do it.

    Our duck tape fabric is created now. I am going to trim off the edges so it's a little cleaner. You can also use an X-Acto knife and a cutting or a craft board tool. So, here is the structure of our purse.

    Next step, I am going to seal off the edges with another piece of duck tape, just so we don't have any sticky side coming out and to do that, I am just going to rip a piece of duck tape about that length for both sides and I am going to rip it or you can just cut it in half, it's a good amount to work with and place it about halfway over the edge and then you just fold that over and cut off the edges. I am going to do the same thing on the other side with another piece of tape that I ripped. So, now that you have your duck tape fabric, the next step is to simply fold it in half and tape the edges closed.

    So there is a few things you can do from here. You can either fold it in half and you have a clutch or you can add a different strap option in here which I will show you how to do that next. To make a simple strap, I am going to take two pieces of duck tape, a little over a foot long, and I am going to create a fabric with it again. So, lay it down sticky side up and another piece of tape, about two inches shorter and lay it directly on top, sticky side to sticky side. This way you have the two sticky side pieces sticking out that you can actually just put right inside the purse. So this goes right in here on the side. You can also take another piece of duck tape and secure the strap in there and the side goes right here and you have your final purse. You can also do a braided version of the purse strap. To do that, I took three different pieces of duck tape ripped them in half and put them sticky side up. It's about a foot, a foot-and-a-half long and I am going to fold each one in half twice. So, bring the edge up to the centre of the duck tape like this. So, it's sticky side to sticky side folded together, take your time because this tape will stick to your fingers and then fold the other side over also. Do the same thing for the other two strips.

    Take all the pieces that you just created, put two on top of each other and then the third one, have it pointing up a little bit like that, then I am going to duck tape them together. From here, you are ready to braid. Take the bottom one and start there and then the top one goes in the middle and continue to braid until you have your final strap.

    And there is your final braided strap. Simply adhere the strap and the inside of your purse with a couple pieces of duck tape and you are ready to go. Up next, I am going to show you how to make duck tape flip-flops.