How to Make A Duct Tape Sports Hand

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duck brand Duct Tape representative Kristy Kalnitzky demonstrates how make a duct tape sports hand.

    Kristy Kalnitzky: Hi! I'm Kristy with Duck Brand Duct Tape and today I'm going to show you how to make a number one sports hand.

    This is an intermediate craft that will take about one hour to make. For this craft you will need Duck Brand Duct Tape of assorted colors and logos, Bubble Wrap Brand Protective Packaging, scissors, double sided tape and a marker.

    For our first step we are going to take our bubble wrap and we are going to outline four fingers onto this. I'm using a template that we've already created or you can also use a foam finger that you have at home or just free handed.

    Next we're going to take our double sided tape and tape two of the pieces together and then we will do the exact same thing with the remaining two pieces. We're just going to all put them together and the reason why we used four sheets is this thickness seem to work but you can add more or less depending on what you want to use.

    So next, we are going to cover and decorate this with Duct Tape. So I am using and working with these colors today. Remember, when you start covering this to keep this portion open because this is where your hand is going to go. Clean up the ends by just taking an additional piece of tape, putting it at the very bottom, making sure you have again the opening right here and just folding it under just like that.

    Now that you have your number one sports finger done you are ready for the game.