How To Make A Duct Tape Sunglass Case

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duct tape craft expert Jonathan Webster demonstrates how to make a duct tape sunglass case.

    Jonathan Webster: Hi I am Jonathan Webster, Duck Tape expert. Today I am going to show you how to make a duck tape sunglass case. To get started what you'll need is one or more roles of colored or printed duck tape. I am going to be using electric blue and cotton candy. You are going to need a pair of sunglass that you'll be making the case for, a cutting mat, a ruler, a pair of scissors or a craft knife, as well as hook and loop fasteners.

    The first step is to determine the length of the sunglasses or reading glasses that you are making the case for. Then cut out several strips of duck tape that are two inches longer than the length of your glasses. Stick the first two strips together covering any sticky sides and then continue to overlap strips of tape until a duck tape sheet is made.

    I'd like to use a craft knife to peel the duck tape of my cutting mat, it works a lot easier. You will know when to stop if the sheet of duck tape can totally wrap around your pair of glasses with a little room to spare. Then cut our strips of tape and cut them lengthwise to double over the outer edges of the sheet of tape. This will make it look more professional and cut back on any sticky residue.

    Take a four inch piece of tape as well as a two inch piece of tape and stick the pieces of tape together so that there is a one inch portion of sticky side showing on each side. Repeat this step so that you have two of these exact pieces. Wrap the glasses up in a sheet of duck tape once again and apply the strips to either side of the case. This seals up the sides and allows the case to open easily.

    For the closure strap, cut a three inch piece of tape and then cut out a small one inch by one inch piece out of either end of the strip. Fold the entire strip in half and then use the exposed sticky part to attach the strap to the top part of the case. Attach one small piece of hook and loop fastener to the strap and to the front of the case. Then stick it down until it stays attached.

    And that's how to make a duck tape sunglass case.