How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Duck brand Duct Tape representative Kristy Kalnitzky demonstrates how to craft a wallet from scratch using the world’s stickiest and most versatile tool.

    Kristy Kalnitzky: Hi! I am Kristy with Duck Brand Duct Tape and I am making duck tape crafts. Next, I am going to show you how to make a duck tape wallet. First step, grab any color roll of duck tape that you want. Today, I am going to work with gray, but as you can see, there are a lot of other colors you can choose from and decorate with. And we are going to make a duck tape fabric swatch, and to do that, you take seven inches of duck tape. We are going to tear about four pieces and make sure that you lay the sticky side up and it overlaps. Once you have four strips that are connected together, we are going to tape the sticky side down also. Make sure to overlap these sides as well. This is now your duck tape fabric that you can work with. To make the shape of the wallet, we are going to fold it in half and I am going to trim off these extra pieces on the side. In the next step, I am going to seal the top of the edge. So we don't have the sticky side sticking out. And to do that, tear a long piece of about 10 inches, rip it or cut it in half and just place it along the top and fold it over. And this gives you a much cleaner look, and we will cut off the edge, and we will do the same thing on the other side, so you can see your wallet start taking shape here. I think it's time to add some kind of credit card slots in the middle.

    To make the pockets cut three 14 inches of duck tape. Take two of the pieces of tape and stick them back to back and this will create the material. Take your third piece of tape and cut or rip lengthwise down the middle. Take this piece and place it halfway over your fabric you have made and then fold over the other side to create the edge. Now you just need to cut it to the desired length of the pockets. Generally, the pockets are a few inches long, but just measure out once you have the wallet created or grab a credit card and see if it fits in there. You just want to make sure it doesn't stick out the sides and you are able to tape it in the middle. Secure the strips in the pockets inside. I am just going to cut a few pieces of duck tape and tape it in starting with down the middle. So they are all in place and then I am going to tape the outsides and just trim off any extra duck tape as you go.

    So the next step once you have your pockets in place, is to fold the back up. So the pockets are facing out and tape the sides closed. We fold in half and you have your complete duck tape wallet and the next step is just to decorate it however you want with stripes on the outside or using multiple colors of duck tape for the inside pockets or even cutting out a character and taping it on the outside of your wallet. Up next, I am going to show you how to make a duck tape purse.