How To Make A Duct Tape Woven Belt

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duct tape craft expert Jonathan Webster demonstrates how to make a duct tape woven belt.

    Jonathan Webster: Hi! I am Jonathan Webster duck tape craft expert. Today I am going to show you how to make a duck tape woven belt.

    You will need two or more rows of printed or color duck tape. For this I am going to be using a white duck tape and pink zebra. You will also need a pair or D rings, a pen, a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a ruler and a cutting board.

    Now, let's get started. First, measure the height of your D rings, as these will determine how wide the belt can be. To determine the length of your belt you need to measure around our waist and always allow at least six extra inches of duck tape so that the belt will fit securely.

    Cut out two strips of duck tape that are 12 inches long. If a natural length of duck tape which is 1.

    88 inches is too wide the D rings, simply trim just one of the 12 inch strips to the height of the D rings. Apply the two stripes together by sticking the inner stripe into the very middle of the wider stripe. Then fold over the edges with the tape that extends pass the smaller stripe on the top and the bottomThis fills up both edges of the tape and makes it smoother and easier to work with. Repeat these steps to create as many 12 inch stripes as you wind for the desired length of the belt. For three foot long belt, you will need three of these 12 inch stripes, that's the length of the belt that I am making today. Next, take two three inch pieces of duck tape and connect all three, 12 inch pieces to make one long stripe of tape. Then take the two D rings and a one inch stripe of tape and attach the D rings to one end of the tape by wrapping it back on itself and sticking it down. Looking at the opposite end of the belt without the D rings on it, measure and mark the tape on the end so that the belt can be cut into three even stripes. Take a pen and trace these lines down about a foot on to the belt. And then take a pair of scissors and cut directly on the lines. The reason why we mark and cut only 12 inches down the belt is because it makes it easier to weave in our stripes. Therefore we will only be working on 12 inches of the belt at a time. Using the second core of duck tape cut out two five inch stripes and stick them together. They will need to be trimmed horizontally to fit inside the belt. Then take a craft knife and cut the stripe vertically every inch to make five identical rectangles. Slide the first color rectangle of different color tape into the belt and stick it down the end by wrapping it around to the back. I am going to be using a one inch by one and a half inch piece to do this. Begin by weaving the opposite color rectangle into the belt until a small amount of them have been set in place. Once a decent about that the belt has been woven, cut a five inch stripe of tape and cut out several half inch stripes length wise out of that piece. Use these to seal the rectangle woven pieces into the belt. So, once you get to this step in your belt we are going to take several more pink zebra stripes and apply them into this piece here. Then once we get to the end we are going to take our pen and a pair of scissors and we are going to extend it all the way down the belt and apply more pink zebra stripes. Keep doing this until you weave the entire belt all the way down to the D ring. With the last rectangle secure in place your belt is ready to be worn and that's how you make a duck tape woven belt.