How to Make a Flat Bow for a Wedding Invitation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Craft expert Christina Crawford demonstrates how to make a flat bow for a wedding invitation.

    Christina Crawford: Hi! I am Christina Crawford. I have been a Stampin' Up demonstrator for 12 years, and right now I am going to show you a wedding Save the Date Card with a Flat Bow. Flat Bows are very popular. First you probably have seen them on invitations that are made from companies. They are very expensive when you have somebody else to do them for you. They are very easy to do yourself. I call them Flat Bows because after they are done there is no dimension to it and it doesn't require any extra postage. So let's go ahead and begin with that.

    First, we are working with Save the Date Cards here and what I am working with is, there is a specially color scheme and so you would create the color scheme that you were using with your wedding. I use this stamping up stamp, it's called Mark the Date and it actually has a calendar, it even has the Save the Date stamp, a due date you are invited and lots of little things that you can use to embellish that. And so what I have done is I went ahead and I stamped it, I stamped it with September and instead of writing all the numbers down I basically just highlighted September 20th and then that information can be put and saved away for the people who you want to come to your wedding.

    Next I am going to take some beautiful ribbons and when you make a bow, a flat bow, let me show you how to conserve the ribbon. You are going to line it up so there is about an inch coming off on each end and that's all the ribbon you need. Second, is take a hole punch, this one happens to be a double hole punch which will save me a little bit of time, put it in there and then just pop it. It's going to make two parallel holes and you will go ahead and start by taking one point of the ribbon and just bring it up and bring it right back down, so that the ends are coming through the back and this is pretty ribbon, it's white so you can play around with that if you need to.

    Next you criss-cross it in the back and then you could see that I stamp this on the other side too and then pull it right out and then do the same thing again. If it seems like it's starting to get a little pattern, tattered and torn then you can just re-cut so you get a nice point and that is how you do a flat bow. So you could see it, it's almost like you are starting with the same amount of ribbon, you do need that extra space there, that extra ribbon for the space or else it's going to be very difficult to work with. Use your ribbon scissors and give it a really pretty cut. If you want you can add a little Save the Date charm right on there and tie that around your bow and then it's a little charm there. So that's another idea that you can use, probably a good idea to do that so when somebody gets this, instead of just saying September with the little thing checked, they will know that it saved the date and your information can be on that too. But I just really wanted to show you right now how to do that flat bow because it is a great embellishment for all kinds of projects. So here is the project, here is the flat bow. You can see that there is no extra dimension and when you feel it, it's amazing, there is no knot in it, it looks so beautiful. Here some other ideas on some Save the Dates that I received from my friends and you can also see that there are other ways of making little bows on your cards just to give it a nice little added touch of embellishment. This one is just so fun. This one is from my friend Ingred and she said Ingred and Michael are tying the knot and then that's where she has her bow too. Instead of making that really tight and adding dimension, it's really kept nice and loose and then it's tucked in on the other side. So adding flat bows to your cards will really give you added touch of creativity, it will give it nice sense of class and flair and you will be finished, no extra postage required. Now the next clip watch, because we are going to do some wedding invitation. Some are elegant, some are contemporary. So watch those. Thank you.