How to Make a Gremolata

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video shows how to make a gremolata.

    Barton Seaver: Hi, Barton Seaver and today we are cooking with Spanish Mackerel, its one of my favorite dishes here. We have got toasted Almond Potatoes going in a pan over here and we are going to start working on a Lemon-Garlic Gremolata. Its a very versatile sauce, its really nice -- its nice fresh summery, but its also good in the winter too. Now I like it -- the lemons, what I have done here is taken this regular lemon, I have sliced it pretty thin, just like this and then in a pan if its inside, what you can do is just in a dry pan, no oil just simply sear them on one side and then the other until they become nice and caramelized just like that and what that does is it removes a lot of bitterness from them, you want a little bit of bitterness from the peel in there to give a nice balance to the sauce, to make it zesty and spicy and then what we do here and the sauce is pretty potent, so you dont need a whole lot of it. So we will just take these, we will chop them up very finely, as finely as you can and what I have found is instead of doing random cuts just sort of all over the place, make some very purposeful cuts one way, turn it and then go the next way. That way you end up having a lot of control over the product and you can get the cut that you want without ending up with random size pieces. If the lemon is too big then it will be a little bit to too potent in the mouth and you dont want that. So here we go, we have got our chopped Lemon, just put that into a bowl here, thats a little sticky so it ends up all over the place. And then the other ingredient that we have for this is so we have got top lemons here, got a little bit of garlic. Now fresh garlic is great, except when its too big. So what I have got here is a Microplane, one of the handiest tools that you can ever have in a kitchen, really great product here and just take a little bit and it just creates this very fine powder of fresh garlic. Now, you want to make sure that you are using very fresh garlic, dont use the crushed or the canned garlic, it just ends up -- the flavor is way too potent, smell that, its fantastic. Then the last thing that we are going to do is just mix it a little bit of salt. Now you dont need a whole lot of salt here and then just a little bit of olive oil rounds out the dish. Now you want it to be a little bit oily here so its like, sort of like a pesto almost and just mix it up and you let it sit, and that's it, its very easy. This is great sauce with grilled chicken even with steak in a more Tuskan style, Tuskan's love to serve their steak with grilled lemons and its awesome with almost any kind of fish. Now you can add in say if during the winter time you want something a little bit warmer, you can put a little bit of sage in there, something just to give it a little bit of different flavor to it. Thats our sauce and now I am going to show you how to start cooking the fish.