How To Make A Heart Duct Tape Coin Purse

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Duct tape craft expert Jonathan Webster demonstrates how to make a duct tape coin purse.

    Jonathan Webster: Hi! I am Jonathan Webster Duck Tape Craft expert. Today I am going to show you how to make pair of duck tape heart shape coin purse. You will need one roll of printed or colored duck tape, I will be using cheetah kisses, also you need a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a ruler, a cutting board, two seats of hook and loop fasteners and a pen.

    Now let's get started, the first step is to determine how large you want to your coin purse to be. Keep in mind that since the purse is heart shaped there is actually less room inside than you might think. So adjust your size accordingly. Next, cut out several stripes of tape that are four inches long and begin attaching them together to create a small sheet of tape with no sticky side showing. The total height of this sheet should be three and a half inches high.

    Once the length of the coin purse has been determined, repeat the previous step so that you now have two identical sized sheets of tape. Trace out the outline of a heart on one sheet, then use a pair of scissors to cut it out, use that heart shaped piece as your outline to cut out the second to ensure that they are of the same size. Measure the distance between the point of the side of heart to the single point on the bottom of the heart. Cut out two stripes of tape that are same length as this measurement. Fold the first stripe in half doubling over on the sticky side. Crease this piece in half length wise. With the other unused piece of tape cut that piece out length wise once again so that you have two stripes or tape that are roughly one inch wide. Place the crease stripe flush to the side of the heart and secure it with a one inch stripe. Make sure that the crease is pointed into the coin purse.

    Use the small stripes to attach that part into the purse. Repeat the previous steps to make an identical crease stripe of tape and attach them to the other side of the heart purse. This effectively forms an accordion style pocket for the bottom part of the purse. Take two small stripes of hook and loop fastener and attach them inside the coin purse near the rounded ends of the heart to seal the purse close. It is now ready to hold your coins. And that's how to make a duck tape heart shaped coin purse.