How to Make a Pear Tart

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Phillip Harrington demonstrates to make a very simple yet elegant, classic Pear Tart.

    Phillip Harrington: Hi! This is Chef Phillip Harrington with Harris Teeter. Today, we're going to make a very simple yet elegant, classic Pear Tart. Now to make this tart, the first thing you're going to need is a good sheet of puff pastry dough. You're also going to need 1 cup sugar, 2 large cans of pear halves, 1 ounce bourbon or Marcella, 1 ounce vanilla extract, a half stick of butter.

    Alright, now the first step is we got to make the base. The base is going to be caramel, so we got to caramelize some sugar. You notice I got a big beautiful cast iron skillet and you notice the heat is high. We're going to get it nice and smoky. I am going to take our sugar, just dump our sugar in. Now, the sugar is going to melt and you'll notice it will slowly start to turn brown on the edges, that's okay.

    We're just going to slowly stir it and eventually it's all going to melt and we want it to reach a light amber in color. Let's give it a few minutes and we'll stir it slowly. So you want to be sure there is no moisture in the pan. Any moisture gets on there it'll cease up the sugar. Now be patient, this is a bit of a process, you don't want to over stir. You're going to see that nice melting in the sugar crystals.

    And this is also where you're going to get your flavor from. It's going to be the caramel base for the tart. If you notice the color, it's a nice beautiful amber color, that's what we want. Don't get it too dark, too dark, you're going to have a bit of tar. You're don't get it dark enough you're not going to have developed flavor.

    Okay, make sure the flame is off. This is going to retain a lot of heat, this pan. So, very slowly, very carefully, add a little bit of the vanilla. Hear that? Now we're going to add the rest and then the Marcella. Be careful, it does splatter. What this does is, this is going to cool off the sugar so we could get our pears on here.

    I am using a pair of tongs because this is still very hot. I am going to set our pears flat side down. You want your pears as tight together as you can get them. Go around the outside first then we'll fill in the inside with any extras we have. Now you don't have to use pears, you could use peaches, you can use apples, anything is good with caramel and puff pastry.

    Alright, that's beautiful! Now we've to get our puff pastry on here and we've to get it into the oven. We're going to go ahead right now, we're going to pre-heat our oven to 375 degrees and then we're going to comeback and finish up the puff-pastry.

    Now that this is cooled down a little bit, we're going to get our butter. This is going to give a little bit extra flavor, it's going to help the puff-pastry stay a little crumbly. Once you get your sheet unwrapped very carefully put it right inside the pan, pull in it to the very outer edges. Careful, it's still hot! Just going to press it down, alright now the only thing you have to do is to get this thing in the oven for about 45-50 minutes at 375 degrees.

    We got beautiful color on the puff-pastry here. It was in the oven for about 45 minutes and I pulled it out and it's been sitting on the counter for about 15 minutes because you want to let it cool slightly before you're flipping and that is the hardest part because this cast iron pot here, it weighs a good bit. So, I got a pizza round here, I am going to pop that on using a glove. 1 and 2 and 3!

    Alright folks, let's see how we did here. This is the tricky part like I said. Beautiful, that looks great! Though we're not done yet, we're missing one essential thing, Vanilla Ice Cream. Put a scoop there, one there and one on a third scoop. So there you are folks. Classic Puff-Pastry Pear Tart with Vanilla ice cream, Enjoy!