How To Make A Raw Food Super Salad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Raw food expert Lisa Wilson demonstrates how make a raw food salad.

    Lisa Wilson: Hi there! I'm Lisa Wilson with the Raw Food Institute. We're here to make a raw food super-salad. Okay, so, you remember that old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, I like to say a salad a day keeps the doctor away. But we're going to talk about ways to actually improve upon the salads that you're already making. So the important thing as we start to mention is that whatever you like, put more of that and I'm not going to be measuring anything here. We're just going to put in the amounts of food that we like. So I'm going to start out with a butter lettuce, I've already chopped it. I like a nice light lettuce, a butter, a leaf, a romaine to be the base of my salad. Second most important ingredient is sprouts. Now this is a chopped pea shoot, I'm going to go ahead and add that. Love, love, love the pea shoots or the sunflower sprouts or the buckwheat. I'm going to go ahead and add some cucumber, I've already chopped it real small, it's a nice small chop. Radish, if you like a little kick, go ahead and put some sliced, I've sliced them. If you like them chopped, chop it up. Little bit of sliced radish in there. Here we have some diced red pepper. I'm going to go ahead and add that and some avocado. That's going to give us that satisfied feeling. It's got some really healthy, nice healthy fats. And I like to add that to my salad so that an hour later I'm not already hungry. I'm going to add some chopped onion. If you don't like it, skip it, but I happen to really like a little chopped onion in there for some zing. Moving on to the goji berries. This is a super-food. So I'm going to go ahead and put some of these dry goji berries in there. It's a little bit sweet and add a nice flavor just to really give it some dynamics. I'm going to add some sprouted and dehydrated sunflower seeds. Talking about the living foods, these things are living. I'm going to add some sprouted and dehydrated pumpkin seeds. Again, both of these are really nice in the Omega-3s, going to give you a little bit of protein. I'm going to add some chia seeds to this, some sesame seeds. So you can see we're just taking out old average salad and we're just taking it up a notch. Some hemp seeds, love the hemp seeds, loaded with protein, loaded with Omega-3s. Just have a nice texture; I really can't get enough of the hemp seeds, and finally, some seaweed. Now these sea vegetables are so rich in minerals. I'm going to just toss them on, sort of like crouton, they're going to be nice and salty and crunchy, the sea vegetables. And if you like, you can pick out one of these; it's a little seaweed shaker. This one happens to be Kelp but you might go for the Dulce. You can go ahead and just sprinkle that onto. I keep this right on my Lazy Susan at home. Finally again, taking it up a notch, I'm going to add some chlorella. Now chlorella is an algae, you might pick spirulina, you might pick chlorella, you could add this right into your dressing. I'm just going to sprinkle it on, see that rich green color. Chlorella is really known for binding with toxins, including heavy metals in your body, and eliminating from your body. So, all these foods in combination are just going to take your salad up an entire notch. Got to love that! Okay, we're moving on to make a really yummy raw dressing. Now I like to make my own dressings, because you can be sure of the ingredients going in. So I'm going to give you the basics. We're going to start you with some olive oil. Now again I need to know, I just -- I don't measure. So whatever you like, kind of put in more of that. So we're going to start with a really nice olive oil. You could add, if you want to do less oil, a little more water. You could go for hemp oil. I'm going to go ahead and add lemon. Now I love lemon, so I'm going for two lemons. You can just do one or you can substitute that for an apple cider vinegar. I'm going to add some garlic. Now I could stop right there. That's it, call it a day, have my dressing. But I like to add some veggies to this, so I'm going to add some yellow squash. I've already chopped it. I have about one half of the yellow squash here and some basil, some really fresh basil. I love to add fresh herbs to this; it just gives it an extra oomph, something nice for your salad. I'm going to go ahead and put on the lid. You always start on low, you walk it up. And just like that, just 20-30 seconds later you have the most delicious salad. So now we get to toss our salad. I'm just going to put this creamy nice salad. I could have put some avocado in there; you can make a raw ranch, toss it, and look how yummy that looks. I think it's time for lunch. I hope that you've enjoyed a superior raw salad and our super-yummy raw dressing. Thank you so much for watching.