How to Make a Romantic Meal for Young Sweethearts

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, world famous Chef, Michel Richard shows you how to make a romantic meal for you and your sweetheart.

    Michel Richard: Hello I am Michel Richard from Citronelle, a great restaurant in Washington D.

    C. Today I am going to show you how to make a beautiful Valentine's dinner and both of you are going to be very happy.

    The first dish we are going today is going to be Onion Carbonara. Instead of using pasta, we are going to use onion. The way we cut it should be long and we are going to steam it. We are going to make sure this stay a little crunchy. We mix this cream and a little bit of butter. Cream and butter is delicious. Then Parmesan cheese and a nice drop of salmon caviar. That's going to be delicious.

    After that you are going to make a super fried chicken. It's a recipe I created in this company a few years ago. Lot of crunch, delicious. We going to serve it this way, put it to goose, you know corn goose? It is easy. We are going to use a I have got the microwave. In France, we all have microwave and you all are used to it. We never talk about it. Nobody is supposed to know anything about it. That's the sauce that is going to be go with that. Sauce made up of this mayonnaise. We all have mayonnaise in your fridge. It is easy. You add a little bit of grain mustard, mix a little bit of orange juice. It is going to be delicious. If you add it at the end of a dessert, it's going to give you grapes coated with chocolate. They look exactly like truffle. The great chef is giving you a recipe.

    Now you don't need anything. You need what? A blender, that's all you need. You need that to slice, to cut the onion but make sure that you don't cut your fingers. You need a steamer, some nice pot just underneath. One thing too, you don't want to sit down with your husband tonight at the Valentine's day with half of your fingers missing. Today we are at Citronelle, a beautiful restaurant. One of the best in town. Everybody say that we are one of the best in town. See we have a kitchen, we have a coldest kitchen, we keep it clean because I want to make sure that the guest when they come here, they are able to see the kitchen. On the other side, we show the wine, the wines setup. Beautiful wine setup, we have more than 700-800 different kinds of wine. It's fun because most of the times in a restaurant, there are four wall, you don't see what's going on the kitchen. Here we show everything. It's an open heart restaurant.

    I moved to this country in 1974 and I worked in New York. I opened few restaurants, pastry shops. Now I am in Washington D.

    C. And I am very proud to be a chef. Now we need to start to work together. Let me show you the recipe.