How to Make a “Save the Date” Card

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Paper expert Sarah Meyer Walsh demonstrates how to make your own wedding invitations and paperie, including how to make a “save the date” card.

    Sarah Meyer Walsh: Hi! I am Sarah Meyer Walsh of Haute Papier and I am showing you how to make wedding invitations; but before you can send the wedding invitation, most brides now send the Save the Date to let their guest know the date and location of the wedding. This is typically sent nine to twelve months before the wedding. We are going to base our Save the Date on this one right here that we are going to use a little bit more of an article theme in putting hours together.

    To make these invitations, you will need 5X7 cardstock, 5X7 envelopes, a ribbon that you are choosing about an inch to an inch-and-a half in width, a ruler, scissors, glue and the paper that you want to use as a backing for the Save the Date piece and the paper cutter.

    So I have already printed a few of the pieces on my home printer just to save a little bit of time, but what you want to do is use a program like a Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Word to layout your design. Printing it on the bottom piece of the right hand side of the paper and you also need to print out a page that has the Save the Date piece, which you will use at the top of the Save the Date. I usually print these on 8.

    5X11 sheet and then use the paper cutter to cut them off the size. So, we will just trim this one up to use and in measuring the Save the Date piece on the top of the page is approximately 2.


    5 inches and the backing is about 2.


    78. So, I have trimmed up the little Save the Date piece and to start, we are going to glue this on to our backing piece. I like to use Zip Dry Paper-Glue, which is a strong adhesive that gives you a few minute to move the piece around after adhering it to the other paper. You do not need that much glue, probably about that much is good. So simply centre it on your backing and gently push down. Then using your fingers, you can wiggle it around to get the perfect layout. Next, take your ribbon and the card that you will be gluing everything on and you want to cut the ribbon to be double the length of the paper. So we are just going to simply double it and you will need double because we will be wrapping it around the back of the card. So next, using your ruler, you want to measure down as far as you want the ribbon to go. I would say about a-half-an-inch to three quarters of an inches is good. So will go with three quarters and lineup your ribbon and make sure that it is the same on the other side. Then wrap the ribbon around the page, winding it is necessary and you want that space to go underneath the Save the Date back to piece. So, we can with it up and this is a good way of checking whether or not your ribbon is straight, also, is pasted lined-up in the middle here. So once you are sure that you have it where you wanted and that the Save the Date piece is going to go on and cover up the missing pieces of ribbon, you can go ahead and let go and using your glue gently apply a little bit to the edge and then a little bit along the ribbon, all the while holding down the other side, so as to make sure that it does not fly around. So then, while holding it down the other side, pull the ribbon across and make sure that it is still lined-up and gently press down. Give the ribbon a minute or two to stick and then you can move on and do the same with the other side. So again, I am just applying a small amount of glue to the paper and then along the edges of the ribbon and again, pulling it up to make sure that the ribbon aligns perfectly with the other side of the ribbon; and these little fly away, do not worry about these because you will be covering those with the Save the Date card. When your ribbon is stuck to the paper gently, take the Save the Date piece and again apply a small amount of glue along the edges. I like to work about a quarter of an inch away from the paper as that seems to be a good amount to adhere it tightly to the paper without losing all over the place. Then, figure out where you'd like to place the Save the Date piece. I usually like to center it off of the edge of the paper, so if I am a quarter inch down, I like to be a quarter inch in. So get it way you think you want it and then just check with your ruler to make sure that you got the right measurements and then hold it down for a few minutes to let it adhere to the ribbon and to the paper and that is it; a basic Save the Day invitation that you can send to all of your guests to let them know the time and the place of your wedding and with an invitation like this, I would use a similar color envelop as the backing. I think it just really creates a nice effect and you can always address it with a white pen, which would keep that an article theme going.

    Next, we will talk about a basic wedding invitation.