How to Make a Six Layer Dip

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Javier Quiroga demonstrates how to make a six layer dip.

    Javier Quiroga: Hello, I am Javier Quiroga with To Your Taste Catering and today I am showing you how to make some wonderful delicious dishes for a Latin fiesta. Today, I am showing how to make a six layer dip.

    The ingredients you are going to be needing for this are going to be about a quarter cup of sour cream, a quarter cup of refried beans, about a quarter cup of fire roasted salsa; that I showed you how to make in the previous video; along with about a quarter cup as well of the homemade Guacamole that I also showed you, some shredded cheese to sprinkle on top and about also a quarter cup of sliced olives and probably one jalapeo, not too spicy.

    The equipment you are going to be needing is going to be a very sturdy cutting board, a very sharp knife, a few spoons to be able to spread the dip and a spatula just in case. You are also going to need some kind of a vessel to be able to put the dip into that has to be deep. Probably about a quarter inch to an inch deep, so it can be layered. You can also use maybe a glass bowl, so you can see the layers. Alright, so let's get started.

    This dish I am going to show you today is going to feed probably about between 2-3 people, depending on what other food you have, but if you just eat this, maybe for one person. So what we want to do? We want to start with your heavier ingredients, your thicker ingredients which in this case is the refried beans, nothing happens, it stays in there. What we are going to do is we are just going to get a little bit of this and just paint it on here on to the plate, all the way around and get this going here like that. Again, you want to do your thicker ingredient first because I will show you once we do the other ones, makes it a little bit different.

    So as you see we have got the refried beans down. Don't worry about it being a little bit messy. We are going to clean that up in a little while, little by little. Then we are going to move to the sour cream and put it over like that. So we have two layers down now. We have two layers, we have the refried beans and the sour cream now.

    Now we are going to move to our Guacamole. When you spread this, you want to be a little bit careful that they don't bleed together because then it will change everything a little bit. There you go. As you see now you have your homemade Guacamole there. I am seeing your ingredients, they are very sturdy. Now I am going to do the salsa, that one's a little bit runnier. So now we will put that one on top of the Guacamole, just like that. You can make this a two layer dip, if you want or a ten layer dip, if you have more ingredients and so forth. So you want to just have that. So you have that. Next, we are going to put a little bit of the shredded cheese. I am just using a regular shredded American cheese in this case. You don't use too much either, just enough, like that.

    Then we have the black olives. Now for the optional item that you don't use; some people would like to use, some people don't have to; is the jalapeo. The way you can tell that it's really spicy or not spicy is if they have this ridges going up and down, like they look a little bit older, just because they are older, they are a little more spicy. If they are smooth, just like this one here or like a green pepper, that means they are less spicy.

    What you want to do is just take the tip off. Then you want to cut this down the middle here. Another thing you want to do is the guts here, all this membrane here, that's the spicy part of the jalapeo. So even if you get a higher one, if you take this part off, you will be a lot less. Then what we are going to do in this case is just going to chop it, just like that, and just put a little bit of it on top, just like that; not too much because some of these guys are very, very spicy. You do want to try it, if you do love one spicy food. I would try it beforehand to see if it might be too spicy because if you are having guests over. Another thing you might want to do is just go ahead and pour some chopped onions on top or green onions and you should be all set with that.

    So there you have it, your six layer dip ready to be eaten. Coming up next, I am going to be showing how to make some delicious chicken and cheese Quesadillas.