How to Make a Skillet Tofu Scramble

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tofu expert Paula Eakins demonstrates how to make a Tofu Scramble.

    Paula Eakins: Hi, I am Paula Eakins, Vice President of Health Seminars Unlimited. Today we are going learn how to cook with tofu. I am going to be doing a Tofu Scramble. Now on this recipe, you have to use, remember I said before the right tofu with the right recipe. This one I am going to be using a firm tofu and this firm tofu actually comes in a water-packed container and when you get it home, you want to just take it out to container, wrench it off and then it is ready to be used. Now we are going to start off by using our two tablespoons of olive oil. Now if you get your skillet nice and hot first, you will find it you will use a little less oil than you might want to if you trying to cut back on, on let's us say a lot of oil in your recipe but for this one we are using two tablespoons. Once we get it nice and hot, I am going to move around a little bit so it can get nice and warm and then we are going to begin by adding in our one cup or a medium onion. I like to hear things sizzle when they are making a lot of noise and it is already getting started to do just that.

    Now along with this I am going to be adding three minced cloves of garlic, all here. I am telling you right now this is really what helps to bring this thing alive. When you put that garlic in, well remember not to have your fire too hot because if the garlic begins to burn then it is going to give an off taste to this wonderful dish. I am going to stir around little bit get it going. Now I am going to go ahead on and start adding in one cup of the red pepper, alright. I am going to put that in, stir around, this recipe is very very colorful, very very attractive. I am going to go ahead on now and put in my yellow peppers. Talking about adding color, adding lots and lots of colors because after all we eat with our eyes. So if it looks good and I am telling you it smells good then everybody is going to be saying there is something cooking in the kitchen. Well we are going to add that and while that's sauting for just a sec, I am going to show you what we are going to do with that tofu. We are going to take this block, I am going to put it into my bowl and I am going to just start mashing it, just to have the resemblance of a scrambled egg, alright?

    Well this is stirring around, it smells good and it is ready for me to introduce the actual tofu. Now sometime I just move the vegetables around a little bit, so that the tofu can have center stage. Now this makes about four to six servings, sometimes I will make this up and I will have something like -- something almost like a Egg McMuffin, except this is a Tofu McMuffin, alright? We are going to put that in the middle there, and we are going to begin to add the different seasoning to the tofu. Once again I have my turmeric and you can go anywhere from let's say one fourth to a half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, can't use too much because it can get too yellow or orange in color.

    We are going to sprinkle on the turmeric, this is the powder that is used to help that tofu get that kind of a yellowish color to it. We are also going to add in my chicken-style-seasoning. Now chicken-style-seasoning is exact same as regular chicken bouillon cubes, you probably have heard of those before where you take one teaspoon or one cube of a bouillon cube chicken flavored, add it to one cup of water and then when you do that you have a broth. Well this chicken-style- seasoning is similar to that except it is vegetarian and they have no meat products in it whatsoever, has the same texture, same color and you would also do one teaspoon to one cup of water. We are going put on our chicken-style-seasoning and you can see that this is really starting coming to life. Now what I am going to do now is start to add in one more seasoning that really helps this out a lot and that is fresh ginger. This is a one teaspoon of fresh ginger, alright. I am going to now add in the final ingredient which is fresh spinach, look at this. This is three cups of fresh spinach and I am just going to lay it on top, just lay it on top and then we are going to put our top on it and we are going to just let it simmer for just a few minutes.

    Well the finished product, look at the finished product, is that not beautiful or what? Well we have just learned how to cook with tofu with this Tofu Scramble and we are now going to move to the next recipe which is entitled a Colorful Tofu Vegetable Kebab.