How to Make a Spicy Southwestern Ciabatta Sandwich

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Radio personality and gourmet cook Rob Carson shows the ingredients needed to make a spicy southwestern ciabatta sandwich.

    Rob Carson: Hi, My name is Carson. I am radio personality also, a gourmet cook and my goal with these videos is to bring couples and families together in the kitchen and also demystify things that you might be afraid to try otherwise. Today, we are making Southwestern Spicy Ciabatta Sandwich. So we have got some grilled chicken here. You can actually buy these prepared strips in a bag at the store and you can heat them up or you can actually grill chicken breasts on your grill or on your George Foreman Grill and I have those ready. I have got some grilled red peppers, jalapeno peppers, I have got some Pepper Jack, I am going to make an Aioli today which is a flavored mayonnaise with mayonnaise, beautiful chipotle peppers, garlic, you are also going to need a Ciabatta. You can buy a whole loaf Ciabatta or you can buy individual ciabatta for these sandwiches. Obviously, we are going to need a cutting board. I have got my rocker knife, chef's knife which I am going to use to chop up my chipotle peppers. I have got bread knife obviously, for the ciabatta, I have got a toaster. Remember, safety first don't stick a fork in it while it's plugged in. So let's get started to make a ciabatta, shall we?

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