How to Make a Tofu Strawberry Smoothie

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tofu expert Paula Eakins demonstrates how to make a tofu strawberry smoothie.

    Paula Eakins: Hi! I am Paula Eakins and I am the Vice President of Health Seminars Unlimited. Now today we are talking about How to Cook with Tofu. We are going to do something a little bit different. Now we are going to use a different type of tofu. This one is a Silken Soft. And the silken soft if you can see it actually has a nice sheen to it, look at that, it has got a shine on it. It is very very soft. It represents that of, lets say, a milk type product now okay. But before we were using the other tofus that was in a water pack, this one actually comes into a 12 ounce container.

    The tofu is made exactly the same way. They cook the soyabean and then from the soyabean they put it through a cheesecloth and through a cheesecloth they put it into a container and add a calcium starch. And this time it makes up this silken soft. Its a very quick recipe, talking once again about how to cook the tofu and we are going to put in first our tofu. Just go straight on in there, nice and soft and we are going to add to that our strawberries, either frozen strawberries. You can do sweetened or unsweetened, which ever is your preference. We are going to go ahead and throw them on in now. Oh this is good, you don't have to do strawberries, you can do blueberries also. You can do peaches okay? It is probably the minimal of all things I am going to use. Let us go ahead and put in our orange juice. I am going to put in -- this is our half a cup of orange juice. I am going to go ahead and add that in and last but not least, we are going to put in a one teaspoon of vanilla.

    Now all that's gone in let us see when we put our top on and start blending it up. Let us see what happens? We are going to take that top off and stir around one more time, get all the goodies in, make sure we get them all in there. Well this a good time for me to also, just to take me a little a taste and make sure everything is what it is suppose to be. That is so good. Now what are we going to do now is we are going to do now is we are going to pour it into our glass.

    Learning about how to cook with tofu. This actually serves two people. And put that back there. We have got our strawberry ready to go. And we are going to just fit that right there and I am telling you look at that end product. A creamy strawberry smoothie and you know what it is delicious just like it looks very attractive. And you will know the next time we are coming to once again show you how to cook with tofu. We are going to be making a chilled lemon cheese cake, that is a no baked chilled lemon cheese cake.