How to Make a Tomato Butter Caper Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Javier Quiroga from To Your Taste Catering shows you how to make a tomato butter caper sauce.

    Javier Quiroga: Hi! My name is Javier Quiroga with To Your Taste Catering and we are here teaching you how to make a Tomato Caper Tilapia over cellophane noodles, the best. We have already shown you how to saute the Tilapia, now we are going to move over to making the sauce, but before that, something very simple, just go ahead and get your cellophane noodles or rice noodles and put them in some boiling salted water. Put some of the stuff right in there like that. These are phenomenal, they are very, very light and as I mentioned to you before, we are trying to make this as simple as possible. So, the pan that we have used to saute the Tilapia, we will use the exact same pan, there is no need to wash it; just go ahead with a little paper towel, you can just clean off some of the flour that get stuck in their, okay. So, that's all we are doing here, alright. So, we get that the exact same pan and we are going to be putting a little bit butter in there and the pan should still be fairly hot from sauteing the Tilapia. And we are going to use butter a little bit, not too much and we are going to be doing in the -- first, just a little bit, so we can do the tomatoes, okay. So, we are going go ahead and put some butter right there. Let that melt. In the meantime, while that's melting, I want to show you how to cube the tomato that we are going to be using for the sauce. Basically, take off the main part here that nobody likes, kind of yucky. Then we are going to do, cut them in the middle here, alright, then we are going to square it this way, about four times and then this side four times, okay. So, we got one here, two, three, alright. Then down here again. Again, it is very important to have a sharp knife with that we can cut through the tomato skin fairly, fairly simple. And then once you have it here, we are going to cube it right here like that. Done. And again, they are not to be perfect cubes; they can just be any kind -- if you can just cube it anyway that you want, that works perfectly fine, okay. Again, you have the butter here. Just see, that is going to have butter, I put away too much butter in here for this right now. So, I am going to just take a little bit off, okay. We just want to coat a little bit of it up, just you can saute the tomatoes, just the regular garlic clove that you want to basically just finely chop here. It smells so good. Your fingers also smelt like that later, but it's okay. Alright, so now, we have the hot saute pan here. See the way the butter is, it's brown butter here, if you see the bottom of that, it's brown butter. You don't want it to be yellow like this; you want it to just be little brown and it does give it a much, much better flavor believe it or not. But this browning the butter is very crucial because again, it's going to give it the flavor and it's going to give it a different color to the sauce, which is great, okay.

    So now, we are going to go ahead and put the garlic, delicious garlic in here, you hear that, that could do just like that, nothing else. We are done, may be a little Tilapia, we will see. So, once this is going, the garlic is releasing all this flavor and everything else in essence into the whole dish here and now we are going to go ahead and put the tomatoes in here, alright. Look at that, a little saute like that. If you can't do that, use a spoon and you will get it all done like that. See the nice color that the tomatoes are giving with the butter and everything else mixed in there. Now, at this point, you also want to put a little bit of salt, okay; not too much, just a little salt in there, because remember, the capers are salty too, so you don't want to put too much in there. You have already salted the Tilapia and little pepper. Good, it's perfect and actually the sauce is almost over, see how quick it was. I told you, it's very very quick, simple to the point and what we are going to do now, we are going to add just a little bit, a little bit more butter. Let me clean this up a little bit, make everything look nice. Now, the tomatoes I have saute like this, you want to turn off the heat, because you do have carry over heat in the pan and we are going to melt the butter now, so you can start making the sauce on that, okay. So, we are going to get a little piece of butter, you can see they break it up or just put a it all whole like that and with the heat itself, it's going to start melting and you are going to be able to create the sauce itself. See that, it's very important that you turn the heat off and you don't continue cooking this because the butter is going to break and you won't have a sauce. It will basically break, you will have the fat, the water coming up at the bottom of the fat on top and it won't come together. So, mix your sauce right here, like that and for then my salad to -- I will add little more butter to go ahead and make that, all the salted butter see, that's not good. So, we got to do it again, because we are using unsalted butter, put little bit in there and as it melts, we will go ahead and do that. At this time, you can taste this if you want. So, you have the sauces ready to go. Then at the end, you go ahead and add the capers into it. You can buy these capers at any store, they have the bigger capers, they are little tiny capers; so any caper that you like. I wish you could smell this, this is most phenomenal in here. So, your sauce is ready to go, ready to go ahead and put on the pan. Meanwhile don't forget about your pasta, it's almost ready. This pasta should be cooked the same way you cook any other pasta. I will then take probably for about four to seven minutes on that, it should almost be done. Yeah, it's ready to go. So, what we are going to do with the pasta, we are going to take it out, drain it out and what I like to do on my pasta, once I drain it, I will put it back in cold water to stop the cooking, because now I know that the pasta is done and stop the cooking. And you can do this way ahead of time; if you are going to have a dinner at seven at night, you can do it in the mid afternoon, get all the frying smell out of your kitchen, just have nice caper sauce, just all over your house, so people can really start enjoying it. So, I am going to dump this out here. Go ahead and put little bit of olive oil in the pasta, not too much; just enough, specially this pasta, as I say, this is rice noodle. Just like any rice product, there is so much starch in it that it will clump up together.

    But just a little tiny bit of olive oil will make it beautiful and you know just very --- look at that, so it doesn't stick at all. So, we will come back when we show you how to plate everything together; show you how to make little garnish and plate the whole dish, okay.

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