How to Make a Vegetable Quiche

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Baker Petra Cox demonstrates how to make a tasty vegetable quiche.

    Petra Cox: I am Petra Cox and I am at Mom's Apple Pie Bakery in Occoquan, Virginia. Today, we are making a quiche. So, I have already showed you in a previous video how to make a butter crust for the bottom of the quiche. That's in the butter crust apple pie video. So, I have my bottom crust here. You can use a store bought one if you like and I have showed you how to make the filling and you can either make the Lorraine version or you can make any number of vegetable versions of this recipe. So, I have here some chopped spinach. You can add a little, a lot whatever you like and I am just going to maybe cover the bottom with that and you can use whole leaves if you like as well.

    The nice thing about chopped spinach is it makes a cleaner slice when you are actually serving it, but whole spinach of course, is a little less work and I am going to pour this in there. See, what I have room for here. I am going to lay these red peppers over it, decoratively and you could use mushrooms if you like. This one just for a little bit of browning on the top, I am going to grate a really nice Virginia cheese called Appalachian from Meadow Creek Dairy. In the summer, we grow our own bell peppers and spinach and it's a really nice time to make the quiche in the summer. We can use all of our own produce and I like to use another Virginia product that's this cheese, it makes it a really nice homegrown local kind of thing that you can be proud of making. So got that, maybe I will put a few mushrooms in there. It's really versatile.

    You can do whatever you want with this quiche. You can also do with broccoli, like broccoli florets if you like or something kind of interesting is arugula is a good thing to use. Now I will just pour what else like I can so I can have a nice, full filling there and just like the Lorraine Quiche we made you can throw this in the oven. In our convection oven it's 325 degrees, in the home oven, the average home oven it's going to be somewhere 375-400 degrees and it will take 45 minutes up to an hour depending on your oven and how it's calibrated. So be careful, it's really liquidy and it's easy to let it overflow. Then I am just going to go ahead and stick that in the oven. Be careful when you put in there. It will be really hot. So here is our the mixed vegetable quiche and in this one I cooked a little longer because it has more moisture from the vegetables so it takes a little while to get that moisture to set up with the eggs, but once it's ready, it's a nice golden color and then I cut the vegetables really well so that they don't slice through back the slice of quiche and this is a little hot for slicing, but when you eat it really hot it is this really great, really smooth almost pudding like texture and if you wait for it to set a little bit, oh, I haven't sliced it all the way through. We wait for it to set a little bit, it will do a pull this shape a little more as you cut it but it's really nice to have a nice hot slice of quiche and there it is.

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