How to Make a Vinaigrette Dressing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Todd Gray demonstrates how to make a vinaigrette dressing.

    Todd Gray: I am Todd Gray and I am showing you how to prepare seared Diver Scallops with roasted beets and garden herb salad. Lets prepare the vinegarette for our dish. We will start with one-and-a-half table spoons of minced shallot that I have previously minced. The total of which is about 3 whole shallots. The juice of one-and-a-half lemons, put this onto our manual juicer, rotating, catching all of the seeds and I need to pour, leaving us just with the bright citrus juice. To do our second half, now for the second lemon, this is about one-and-a-half table spoons of fresh lemon juice. Take that, pour that in. We add Vallejo wine, sweet wine. We are putting about ounce-and-a-half of Vallejo wine, honey vinegar, an ounce of honey vinegar. If you dont have honey vinegar you can use raspberry vinegar. Now we add our almond oil, two ounces of almond oil, well again walnut oil, hazelnut oil would be a great substitution. two ounces of extra virgin olive oil, fresh cracked black pepper and a liberal pinch of sea salt. Take a whisk, carefully whisk this together.

    Now that we have completed our vinegarette, we will next sear our Diver Scallops.