How to Make a Wedding Centerpiece

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Rebecca Henry demonstrates how to make a wedding centerpiece. This video is designed for the beginners, but includes the techniques that would be necessary for more advanced work. This video series includes an overview of basic tools, discusses selection and care of flowers, reviews appropriate containers for different arrangements, and demonstrates several strategies for arranging flowers.

    Rebecca Henry: Hi, my name is Rebecca Henry and I am co-owner of Petal's Edge Floral Design here in Alexandria, Virginia. Today, we are going to be doing a video on how to make a wedding centerpiece. Just to review what we are going to go through, I will be showing you a little bit on how to choose the flowers for your centerpiece, what kinds of flowers, the colors to choose, some tips for caring for your flowers, what to do with them when you get them home and how to treat them, types of vases to use and the different kinds of arrangement that work in those vases, different techniques for securing flowers in your arrangements. Finally, we will go over -- we will actually make three different centerpieces that you could possibly use for your wedding.

    Just to go over the tools we will need, vases obviously, flowers of course, ribbon, some floral food, you can get it in little packets or in buckets. You can get it at a craft store, a nice sharp pair of floral shears, scissors, rubber bands, some floral tape or DV tape, this is called, it's a nice waterproof tape you can buy at your local craft store, knives and floral foam, also available at your craft store. Possibly some zip lock bags and finally, some water.

    Just in terms of talking about safety, you want to keep your fingers free of your sharp implements of course, but otherwise, floral designs are fairly safe endeavor. To tell you a little bit about myself, I have a background in horticulture with a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture. I love design, but I found that Landscape Architecture wasn't quite right for me. So I came back to my first love, which was flowers and designing flower arrangements. We here at Petal's Edge do only weddings and events so we get to experience weddings first hand every week and it is a real joy. So in the next clip, we will be talking a little bit about flowers and flower colors and how to pick the right design for your wedding.