How To Make Almond Macaroons

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo demonstrates how to make almond macaroons.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Amy Riolo with Harris Teeter. Amaretti are the light airy gluten free almond macaroons from Italy. If you have never made them before you won't believe how easy it is. Let's get started.

    Now we are adding a cup a half (1/2) of slivered almonds into the food processor. We are going to grind this into almond meal or almond flour, they're really fine powder like consistency. So that's exactly the consistency that we are looking for, it's a very nice light powdery type of consistency. Now we can add in a half (1/2) a cup of sugar, I'm going to add in 2 teaspoons of almond extract, just to boost that almond flavor, and then a teaspoon of vanilla. Even though you don't taste the vanilla in the recipe, having in the background helps to enhance the Almond.

    We'll just stir these to combine, we are basically making a sort of Almond paste. Now we can move on to over Eggs, I've got two Egg whites and I am going to combine them in my standing mixer. We got to make sure you're using your whisk attachment. We are going whisk these starting out on low and then bringing it all the way up to high.

    Now that my egg whites are starting to get really frothy, I am going to add in 8th teaspoon of salt. And I am going to turn these back on high, and I am really going to go for about 5 Minutes until they get really fluffy. So, now our egg whites are nice and stiff and we can go a head and add our almond flour mixture right in. We'll just empty everything right into the Middle of the Egg whites. Now we can fold the almonds right into the Egg whites. You want to make sure to get everything incorporate and then that way the cookies rise evenly. So this is the consistency, that we are looking for, it's a really thick paste.

    And now I have got my baking sheet lined with parchment paper, just take 2 teaspoons, you can make these larger or smaller if you like, but I am going to use about that size, which is the teaspoon full. And we are just going to drop these in mounts, right on the cookie sheet about five across, give them a little bit of spaceSo, here's our last cookie and I have my oven preheated to 300. I am going to bake these for 15 to 20 Minutes or just until the top is light golden. So, our Macrons have finished baking, you can tell that they're done when they have a nice golden finish on the tops, some of these little golden peaks. Now we are just going to let these rest for about a half an hour and then we can come back and plate them.

    So, here we have our Almond Macaroons, a gluten free Italian tradition, that will soon become a family favorite. Enjoy!