How To Make An Interior Design Color Board

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home design expert Sherry Tyra demonstrates how to create a color board of your design plan for easy reference.

    Sherry Tyra: Have you ever wondered how interior designers pull a room together with color, textures, fabrics and furniture that all work in harmony? A color board or design board is a tool used by interior designers to create a color palette and try different elements together before putting them in a room. Making your own sample board is easy. Let me show you how.

    Begin with a foam core board. 2230 is a good size. Use smaller squares of the foam core for mounting photos, lightly fabrics and paint samples. A utility blade, a ruler and a self healing cutting pad is a great way to cut out photos and samples for your board. Use rubber cement or spray adhesive to affix lightweight items to your film squares. Silicone adhesive is a good way to attach heavier items such as flooring or countertop samples.

    Determine the layout of your pieces, leaving at least a one inch boarder around the perimeter of the board. Have fun putting together a collage will all the design elements. Create an interesting layered effect by mixing the placement of raised items with items attached directly to the board. In no time, you will have a professional looking design board.

    You can also try making small sample boards on your computer or on a piece of heavy stock paper. These can easily be put in a page protector and stored in a binder as a wish list, keeping your color palette handy when shopping for items for your room.

    By mixing and matching all the elements of your room together on your design board, you can easily see how everything works before you even start on the room. It's not only a fun project, it's a great way to organize your thoughts and all the elements of your design plan.