How to Make Apple Salmon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Ray Hayes demonstrates how to make apple salmon.

    Ray Hayes: Hello my name is Ray Hayes. I am the Executive Chef here and you are watching a series on how to prepare a salmon. Now we are going to show you how to do a Seared Sockeye Salmon with apples, bacon and red onions. Alright, now that we are all done with our three baking dishes we are going to move to the grill. We are actually going to sear a piece of this Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Then we are going to do a saute, a smoked bacon, red apples and onions, we are going to put that on top. Then we are going to grill a piece of the Atlantic Salmon and we are going to serve that with barbecue sauce and roasted ear of corn. Then we are going to do the satays. We are going to take the little tail pieces.

    Remember, from the beginning I showed you, how to strip little tail pieces out. We are going to put them on bamboo and put them on the grill also so you can see how to make an appetizer. Alright, so now we get ready to start up on our seared salmon dish, sharpen up our knife, make sure they are cleaned up. We are going to start with the smoked bacon. I am going to cut the bacon in half, stack it. Then we are going to cut it into ribbons and then we are going to dice those ribbons into little pieces. Those are your little pieces of bacon ready to go. Then we have a Vidalia onion. Take the top off, we take the bottom off, we split this. I am going to make a bunch of incisions along the top so they are already cut and then we will make little pieces here. You want to use about equal portions on your bacons or onions just like that and then we are going to do our Washington red delicious apple. Now we slice these. You can take the skin off, if you like. I prefer the skin because of the color on there, it doesn't hurt anything, everybody always eats the skin anyway. So that just looks really nice on the plate with the Salmon. Let's do one more piece. This is everybody's favorite dish. They always want to eat this one. We are ready to go to the saute pan. I am going to take about a tablespoon of whole butter, put that in our pan. You are going to add just the bacon for right now. You want to cook the bacon and butter together to bring out all that flavor of that smoked bacon part. I am going to put it right here. Let that go for a few minutes. As you can see, the butter is starting to turn brown a little bit around the edges of the plate there. All the bacon is separated. We got a nice, little foam going up. That foam you see is the fat cooking in the bacon. This is where I would say, hey, this is almost done. Almost ready to add the other stuff.

    As the butter browns a little bit more, bacon starts to pop like that, now you are getting to finish. The bacon and the red meat are starting to cook together. So now we are going to go and add our onions. You can actually add the onions and the apples now. Just remember, we have added the apples and onions and we want to make sure we saute these now, but don't want to cook the apples too much. So sauce them around a little bit. They get a nice coating of the butter, the apples, the onions, the bacon, all kind of get in there together and we need a little bit of this salt and pepper, the magic spice.

    Now we are going to calm down the pan a little bit. The pan will start looking like everything is going to burn so you want to calm it down a little bit. This is called deglazing. We are going to take a little bit of white wine. So we are going to deglaze the pan now. We are going to take a little bit of white wine and put in there. Now that wine in there will take the, all the residue that sticks to the pan off. That's all that residue is what you call flavor. You got to have that flavor going on in there. Toss it around a little bit. Your apples now, are just al dente, they are crisp. I am going to say this stuff is done right now. All I am looking for is hey, where is the salmon? Let's get to the salmon.

    Here we go. This is going to be for the sauted apples. We are going to take our salmon, put them on the pan. We are going to go right into our overhead broiler. Now you have one of these boilers at home. They are generally underneath your oven if you have a four model oven. If you have one in the wall, you just set your oven on broil and just the top burners come on. This is the same process, it just has a little more heat to it. So a piece of salmon like this can cook five or six minutes topped in your boiler. This is nice for people who don't like that charred flavor you get from the grill, because it gives a nice, even temperature and really the oil that extracts from the fish, makes a nice, little brown coating on top there. So they have the different flavor all together. Oh yeah, you can hear that sizzling already.

    There we go. Five-six minutes in the broiler and you take our salmon, put them right down in the bowl and grab our sauted apples, bacon and onions that we deglazed with the white wine. So there you have it, Wild Sockeye Salmon from Alaska with seared Washington red apples, Vidalia onions and smoked bacon.

    In my 35 years as a hospitality industry chef and stuff, I really feel like the simplest things you can cook are the best things you can cook. So you have seen as we do six different dishes, three baked and three on a grill side, that literally take 10 or 15 minutes only to make. So as we recall we did a Sockeye Salmon with sauted bacon, Washington red apples and Vidalia onions. Ten minutes, ready to go, ready to eat. We have the Salmon Satays with teriyaki sauce. These are four to five minutes after you have cut the salmon and put them on the skewers, four or five minutes, it could be eaten. Have a wonderful cocktail party, but then again, America's favorite, grilled Salmon with your favorite barbecue sauce, roasted ear of corn, ready to go in 10 minutes. I hope you have enjoyed everything we have done. I hope you have a good time doing these recipes. Thank You.