How To Make Applesauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Registered Dietitian Linda Quinn from the New York Apples Association demonstrates how to make homemade applesauce and explains how you can use applesauce in your meal planning.

    Linda Quinn: Hi! I am registered dietitian Linda Quinn with New York Apples. Getting your kids good nutrition is easy when you add fresh and delicious apples to their diet. If you've just come back from apple picking with the kids you may be looking for some great apple ideas.

    No worries, we can help you use those apples in your meals and snacks. One word, apple sauce. Homemade no sugar apple sauce is a great treat, it feels your home with the delightful aroma and will entice even the pickiest eater. With homemade apple sauce on hand you've got a great starter for recipes and meals.

    Although many recipes call for certain varieties farm experts say a mixture of your favorites can really make a recipe pop. But don't peel the apples, most of the important and protecting vital nutrients are found in the skin and it will save you loads of time in the kitchen.

    Just start with 6 sweet apples, cut out the cores, slice into one inch pieces. Add to a sauce pan with 3/4 cup apple cider and one teaspoon cinnamon. Bring to a boil and then simmer. Let this cook uncovered for 40 minutes. Hand mash or for smoother apple sauce add your mixture to a food processor and spin until you get the desired consistency.

    With apple sauce you've got options. Serve it as a side dish with meats and fish, add it to recipes instead of oil to cut out unhealthy fats. Serve it as an afterschool snack to keep hunger at bay or add it to vanilla ice cream for a simple dessert.

    With homemade apple sauce you've got an easy way to add fiber, nutrients and cancer protection to every meal.