How to Make Asian Spare Ribs with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Rob Carson demonstrates how to make Asian spare ribs with wasabi mashed potatoes.

    Rob Carson: Hi, my name is Rob Carson, I am a radio personality and I like to cook. My goal of these videos is to bring friends and families and fellow foodies into the kitchen and to demystify things you might have been afraid to try otherwise. Today we are making Asian Spare Ribs. Ingredients we are going to need today are going to be between three and five pounds of pork boneless spare ribs. We have a cup of soy sauce, about a half to a third a cup of orange juice, about a half a cup of brown sugar, we have got three cloves of minced garlic, two tablespoon of minced ginger, some red pepper flakes probably about a tablespoon. Now you could use a Plum sauce or Housin sauce, either one of those. I am going to use the Housin sauce today which you could find at a grocery store and some wonderful green onions and of course Wasabi. So let's get started on our Asian Spare Ribs. I am going to remove my ribs from the pan for a second and again guys, I am using an oversize roasting pan just to kind of show you a little bit better but the roasting pan I use is a little bit smaller or I would put lot more ribs in it. There is your Soy sauce, there is your O. J (Orange Juice). I am going to add my brown sugar, my ginger, my garlic okay. I am going to also add a little bit of seasoned rice vinegar maybe a half a cup, my red pepper flakes, about a tablespoon I suppose of that. Now again this is a Housin sauce, which you can buy at a grocery store but you can use a Plum sauce, we use a lot of the times in Moshu pork. You can also use a Thai chilly sauce. I am going to do a couple of tablespoons and my Wasabi and I am going add approximately a quarter of water, I am going to mix this together, going to add a little bit of green onion. That's fine, take my ribs, these are just sick and long and we are going to be serving these on a bed of Wasabi mashed potatoes. What I am going to do, I just have got my oven preheating to 350 degrees. I am going put this in a covered pan and I am going to roast them for about three hours at 350 degrees. During that time after about an hour or so you just want to turn them over in the pan and then in the final hour do one more flip. Test check tenderness and when they fall apart, they are ready to come out. These are some ribs I started earlier in a properly covered pan and look at how beautiful those are. What I am going to do now is I am going to make a gravy out of the sauce here. I am going to use a Turkey Baster and I am going to remove about two cups of it. I am going take it over my stove on a medium heat and a low boil and I am going to reduce it, reduce it, reduce it until it's about a cup, alright, and then you are going to have a great gravy. So again going to put it on a medium heat, going to bring it to a boil and let it cook slowly, around, like I said half hour, 45 minutes. Reduce it by about half maybe a little more, it becomes really flavorful, intense gravy that we will serve with the ribs and the Wasabi mashed potatoes.

    Alright so the gravy has been on it about 40 minutes or so and it's reduced by about half. You can see the line there, where it used to be and now how much lower it is. So I am going to go ahead and turn it off, because it's thickened up very nicely and if I cook it down anymore then I can only have enough(inaudible) everybody who is going to eat. So now we got an intense flavored sauce that we can sprinkle over the potatoes with the ribs.

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