How to Make Atomic Buffalo Turds (ABTs)

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to make the caribbean recipe atomic buffalo turds (ABTs).

    Michael Hedrick: Hi guys, Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate BBQ, Atomic Buffalo Turds. Who would have thought of such a name? Actually, what a atomic buffalo turd is, this one is not cooked up just yet, but it is a great jalapeo stuffed with some cream cheese, wrapped with a piece of bacon. There are 100 million different variations of this, you can put a little piece of pork on the inside with your cream cheese, you can put a little piece of cheddar cheese in there, you can put some shrimps in there, I said shrimps not shrimp. You can put just about a little bit of anything in there. So the way this is made is we got to get that cream cheese in there, so let me show you how we are going to get this and how we are going to do that. First thing that I recommend is anytime you are messing with these lovely jalapeos is watch out, because you can get burned, you can get burned in your eye and on your mouth or whatever. So I like to play with -- have gloves on when I mess with them, also you want to wash them up real good and then how I am going to do this to be able to make it so that I can actually have a lot of room in there, is I am going to go ahead and cut off the end and then I am going to go ahead and start on the big end and make me a little cut that is all the way down through, but not all the way to the other side because what I want to try to do is not split this all the way open, but just enough so that I can get it open up like that and then I will be able to get my spoon in there and get out all those little veins and all the seeds because that is where the heat is let me just tell you. So I want to go ahead and scoop these out into my trash that's right here. Again, making sure that I get them all out of there and you can see, I got it nice and clean, all but a couple of seeds are out of there. The next thing you want to do after you have a bunch of these all opened up like that is simply, get you some cream cheese. You can put in some rub in this cream cheese, which we did on these early ones over here. Back again, you can put just about anything. Don't put no piece of anchovy in there. I mean, some people might want to do it, but don't come over my house doing that. Then really all we are going to do is we are going to take a little bit of that cream cheese and we are going to go ahead and stuff this pepper or some of that cream cheese. Yeah, sometimes you got to be like a painter or a carpenter, a little spackle and putty, carpenter's buddy. After you get them like that, we are going to wrap them with bacon, put your little piece of toothpick on there and then you get to go and that's what you have got, a bunch of ABTs. So I made up a bunch of them earlier, so I wouldn't have to be taking all of your time. I am glad that you guys are watching, hanging out and watching the videos and we are going to go ahead and get them on this infrared grill, I got it rolled on little bit hot, I have got about probably about 400 degrees, but we are not actually going to put it right down on the racks down there. We are going to put it up in the upper racks so that, that bacon gets crisped up, but it does not actually burn the bacon and overcook the -- make the cream cheese to just totally melt out of there.

    So alright we are going to give these things about 20 minutes and we are going to come back and check and see how they are doing. It might take a little bit longer than that, little bit less than that. But that's why the thing has a lid on there. We can just open up the lid and just see when it's getting ready, you want to get it cooked so, let me finish getting these on here. Man, look at these things. They are great. You can see that the cream cheese is tightening up, it's coming out of there. The meat of the jalapeo is already getting nice and cooked up and nice and soft, the bacon is nice and crispy. We are going to go ahead and grab up these things up out of here. Try not to squeeze them too much because we can squeeze the stuff up out of them and I am doing that anyways. Hey, when you are grilling sometimes you just got to cope whatever what happens. Get these up out of here and they are looking and smelling great folks. This infrared grill -- cook these probably at about 350-400 degrees. They are happening like I said, the meat on the jalapeos is just cooked up perfect, the bacon is crispy and I tried one of these right now, but you see me almost getting burnt on trying some of that pork a bit ago. So that's how we cook up Atomic Buffalo Turds. Now you know what it is, now you know how easy it is for you to try at your house. Moreover, you can change and put just about anything on the inside of those. So as these finish cooling up before I can eat them, we are going to go ahead and get finishing up and get going on some grilled vegetables and shrimp for the caribbean bbq and the day has got long to go so you guys hang in there.