How to Make Awesome Lunch Wraps

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Carson demonstrates how to create awesome, mouth-watering lunch wraps.

    Rob Carson: Hi, my name is Carson. I am a radio personality. I am also a gourmet cook and my goal with these videos is to bring couples and families to the kitchen to try new things and to demystify things that you might otherwise not try. Today, we are making awesome lunch wraps and what you are going to need -- and any one of these can be interchanged. You can add things. You can subtract things. What I am going to do basically is make a terrific wrap. Now not that kind of, no, no that kind of wrap, see because there is nothing worse than a white guy wrapping. No, I am not going to subject you to that.

    Next, we are talking about a lunch wrap. We are using a tortilla, a flavored tortilla. I have several different kinds of these. I have spinach; I have sun-dried tomato. I have got hummus. This is plain hummus. We would like to kick it up a little bit, change it up a little bit. We have got some nice pepperoncini little salad peppers that we sliced up. We have got basil pesto. We have got sun-dried tomato pesto if you want to add it, two either one of the hummuses. We have got turkey, provolone, assorted veggies, red onion, Japanese cucumber, our nice Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, salad peppers and also some fresh basil. Tools and materials obviously, you are going to need groceries. You are going to need vegetables, you are going to hummus, you are going the pesto, you are going to need a cutting board, you are going to need your microwave and you are going to need a rocker knife. As always, safety first, be careful with sharp knives. We will be using that on my Romaine lettuce and we have already obviously, used it on my sliced vegetables. I am going to cut up this Japanese cucumber which is really, really good. So let's get started guys and make a couple of awesome lunch wraps.

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