How to Make Balloon Animals

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Balloon artist Dale Obrochta demonstrates how to make balloon animals.

    Dale Obrochta: Hi! My name is Magical Balloon Dude Dale. I am a professional balloon entertainer. What we are going to be learning today is how to do balloon animals and we are going to start off with the basic sword and flying mouse which is going to introduce us to the basic twist.

    From there we will progress to the Poodle. The poodle dog again, we will use different size variations of twist and I will get you accustomed to using the balloons. We will then move onto the Teddy Bear. The teddy bear actually we will start work with sizing and proportion, we will bring in the full twist. As we go on, we will start working with the Monkey, which we will introduce a second balloon. We will then move onto a Parrot. The parrot actually has some more interlocking twists and what we will call a Roll Through, which is actually pushing the balloon through.

    We will then progress onto the Frog. The frog again is a different type animal, uses different interlocking twists and we will actually combine the twists that we have used previously. The Tiger will be one of the balloons that we do. It is going to be using the basic twist that we used in the Teddy Bear. We will be using the roll through twist and it is going to be taking the balloons that we have used previously in encompassing them altogether. So, we will be using the first couple balloons that we have actually -- or the designs of the balloons that we have used to actually build the tiger.

    We will start working with the Star. Star will give us the capability of working with proportions and it will also teach us how to break off the excess part of a balloon. This will give us the capability of sizing the balloon to any shape we need. Last two that we will get into will be multiple balloons which is the Baseball Cap, which again we will start to work with two balloons showing you how to manipulate them and the final balloon is a Fish, which encompasses three balloons, which again uses the basic figures but also is now using three balloons to design an animal.

    So hopefully, you are going to be able to use all these balloons in your designs with families and friends. The materials that we need are a 260 balloon that's your standard balloon. You are going to need a marker, a pump, and a pair of scissors sharp enough to cut a balloon. Now we have to consider some balloon safety. We have to worry about latex allergies. These are allergies that people are allergic to balloons. So if you are twisting a balloon in a room and somebody is allergic to a balloon, please put your stuff away because these allergies are severe enough or somebody could actually go to the hospital.

    We have to worry about choking incidents where the kids can choke on broken scraps, so we have to make sure we pick up all scraps. We will be working with scissors, so you have to be careful not to cut yourself with the scissors. Now again, my name is Dale, I am a professional balloon entertainer and you may have seen my website mbd2.

    com. On my website, you will notice that I do motorcycles, cats, dogs, Mickey Mouse, poodle, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, frogs, snakes, turtles, hearts, tigers, flowers, choo choo trains, aliens, clowns, most of Warner Bros. Characters, most of Disney characters, only half the animals I know as are. Yes, that's only half the animals I know as are.

    Hopefully in this series, you are going to learn a whole bunch of different balloon animals that you will be able to do it at kids parties, at festivals or just to entertain the kids.

    So, let's get ready and start twisting some balloons.