How to Make BBQ Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to make the caribbean recipe bbq bacon wrapped pork loin.

    Michael Hedrick: Hey guys, Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate BBQ. What we are working on today is a pirated pork loin with some rum I got in Barbados and you guys are really going to like that. To do this, it's going to be really easy. We need some pork loin, pork loin is really a great part of a pig, it's the most the tender, but it also has the least fat so we are going to mess with that and add a little of bacon so we have got some pork loin, we have got some nice fresh bacon, it doesn't have to be thick or anything like that, we have got some nice brown sugar and we have got some Dijon mustard. We also got some rum that I got when I was in Barbados and let me tell you well, you can see I have been working on this rum because I guess we have working on a lot of these right here, but it's a great rum that you can only get at the factory right there, it is aged 15 years.

    How we are going to get started is, take a little bit of this Dijon mustard, we are not going to take a whole lot, we just want to get some of the flavors on here and get these pork loins coated, but really just on the inside, get a little bit right in there like that, try not to make it too wet, we want this really to stick together really good and then of course, we are just going to go ahead and load on a whole bunch of good brown sugar, brown cane sugar and actually, rum is made from brown sugar so this is how this works out really well. Now we take a little bit of that rum, put it in our shot glass from Barbados, get on over here and basically, we are just going to get just a little bit on there. We are not trying to get this thing drunk. We are just trying to get a little bit of that island feeling on, try to get just a little bit of that island love, that that we all know, like over there in the islands. The next thing we are going to do is we are going to go ahead and get a bed for this lay in. I like to take the bacon and get it laid in just like this. So we are making nice bed of actually fat, is what we're trying to do, make a nice bed of fat for this pork loin to sit on. I am going to set this loin right on there like that, turn the other one upside down, set him right on there and you c use toothpicks if you wanted to kind of hold that together a little bit, then we are going to take some more of this bacon and lay that right over the top again, getting him coated from top to bottom all the way around it as best we can and then what we are going to do is we are going go ahead and start tying this up. People think that tying it up is a hard thing to, it's not really. They make a lot of chef's knot that you can do, but if you can just tie a little brownie knot in there, that'll work just fine. You can use a lot of different chef strings if you wanted to. I am just a Carolina boy, so you know I am just using kite string and get that tied up.

    I am going to go ahead and get this finished tied up and then we are going to sprinkle a little bit of the rub that we made and put that on there. This rub, if you are looking to see how we made that, you can click on my name right up there and it'll go back to my main page that has all my videos. When we do the Carolina pork, we made this rub and you can get that recipe for that. Well let me get back to tying. We are going to go ahead and finish the -- getting that pork loin tied up. Like I said, I just went ahead and just made me some kindergarten knots all the way cross here. I use my little scissors to trim it tight, made some of that rub or use some of that rub that I put on there and got that on there.

    I also, once I get it on the grill I am going to let it cook probably at about 350 degrees for a little while and then I am going to want to put some glaze on there to keep that bacon moist and going on and I made a glaze a little bit earlier and I made that out of equal parts of well, our good rum, equal parts of some brown sugar and equal parts of butter and I rendered that down a little bit, put it on a like medium to medium low and let that simmer for a while to get a little bit of that alcohol out, but also leave that rum flavor in there. So I have got that going on my side burner and to keep things going quick, I went ahead and got a pork loin already started just a little while ago and you can see that the bacon is crisp up, it looks awesome, it looks moist, our glaze is working out really well on there, it's adding that nice bit of sugar, but also that you know the Caribbean Barbados, extra age rum flavor and this is coming along good.

    We have cooked this. This one here is just about done and we have cooked it up to an internal temperature of 170 degrees. That is when you are going to know the pork is done. So we are going to go ahead and pull this off the cooker here and let it rest up and then we are going to ahead and cut in half some of this. We glaze this thing a couple of more times and Yeehaa! man this thing is looking awesome. Again, it's something that looks incredible, it's going to have that wow! factor when your buddies check it out and they all come on over.

    Well, other than this, a couple of minutes are messy and doing a little bit of a string tying up, it really is pretty easy. Set it on the grill, forget it, you want to do it indirect, we are going to use charcoal, that's great you can do it indirect, have a water pan under one side and try to roll at about 300-350. I used to own the infrared gas grill heater, so I set it high and then turn my burners down to low because that thing really will get hot and then I cooked at probably about 300-350 degrees for maybe about an hour. The main thing is as soon as this starts getting crisp on the bacon part of it, that is when you want to go ahead and start glazing and not too much before and really it's done when the internal temperature tells you that it's 170 degrees. So lets go ahead and cut a few slices of this thing and well, let us see how we like it. Everybody is going to get a little piece, you might even get the string and just look at that folks, all the way cooked underneath, you see the sugary part right in there, you know that, that is going to be sweet, nice and tasty, slice up a couple of pieces here. You can cut this thick about the thickness of a number one pencil. So hey, I know a lot of us did make it too far past kindergarten so you know what a number one pencil is, but maybe about a half inch thick, work out just fine and after that, it's all down to the eating. This is a Pit Pirate, pirated pork loin with Barbados rum, brown sugar, Dijon mustard on the inside and look at that folks. That is just falling apart good, it's hot and fire too, but it's really good. So next thing we are going to work on for our caribbean bbq is Atomic Buffalo Turds and yeah, there is a story behind that too.