How to Make Bellini Pancakes

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Food stylist Stephanie Rose demonstrates how to make bellini pancakes.

    Stephanie Rose: Hi, I am Stephanie Rose with Stephanie Rose Foodstylings and today we are learning how to make pancakes. This version that I am about to show you is the wonderful, unique Russian Bellini and that is special because it is made from yeast with the yeast dough and the ingredients we have are right over here, we have of course, our yeast, we have a little bit of warm water, that gets it activated, we have buckwheat flour, we have some salt, we have some scalded milk one cup and then we also have sugar, butter and some more milk. Over here we have three egg yolks and three egg whites that we are going to be beating up. Now let's get started. We have got to get this activated, so I am going to put a quarter cup of warm water in with the yeast to start the dissolving process. It should start to bubble a little bit, you don't want your water too hot, it just should be nice and warm to touch. As I said, we have got some scalded milk over here and we are going to combine these two. It has been scalded, but it has cooled off. So it is no longer hot, hot, hot and we are going to corporate that with our yeast. This is what we call making the sponge. Once we get this all together, I am going to put it aside and it is going to rest for some time. So we add our salt to our flour and then we start adding the flour to the yeast mixture, mix it up just a little bit. It might be a cup, it might be a little bit more. You are just trying to make your thick sponge, but you don't want it too thick because then it won't rise. Mix that up, perhaps we need a little bit more flour, shake it in and mix it up and look we are starting to get somewhere.

    It looks good and sticky and thick. I think it looks beautiful, now what you are going to do is cover this up with plastic wrap and put it in the warmest place in your house, but not too hot because you don't want it to be cooked. Here we have our sponge and it has been resting and rising for about four hours covered in a nice, warm place. So now we are ready to move on to the next step. We need to add our eggs in warm milk. First I am going to mix the warm milk with my egg yolks, three egg yolks and it is about a cup of warm milk, mix that together, we are getting all our liquids together.

    By melted tablespoon of butter in that and sugar, tummy. Mix that up well and now we are going to start adding that to our sponge. We are going to add a little bit of the rest of the flour as well, little bit at a time and corporate. Stirring, stirring, it is coming together. It is a very sticky, gooey, gooey mixture even when it is finished and then we need to set this aside again for about an hour. Now I have a beautiful, clean, dry, shiny copper bowl and we are going to whip up some egg whites.

    So I am going to start with pouring my nice egg whites into my bowl and start whipping. A bit more just for prosperity. Now you bang your whisk, don't bang the whisk on the bowl because that starts deflating the egg whites and they are extremely fragile. Now here we have our Bellini mixture and we are going to fold a little bit in, oh actually all of it in. Let's go for it, our egg whites and sometimes I put a little bit of the mixture, mix it in with this, but it is okay this way. I am just going to add a tiny bit of molasses.

    This just rich it up a little bit and now we are folding in, you turn your bowl, you cut in, bring the mixture around and doesn't that look pretty? I think we are ready to start making our Bellini and since it is so sticky-wicky and hard to get on the griddle, I have already put some into a squeeze bottle, really simplifies it and I have to get this pretty high again and I have a little spatula, it makes it a lot easier to turn our little Bellini. I am going to just squeeze these on, make them whatever size you want, but I think little, bite size is perfect. You don't want them too brown, just enough, we are back and I have cooked up all my little itty-bitty-mini Bellinis and we are ready to serve them and I have a few things we are going to serve it. We have got the white fish caviar, we have salmon, roe and again my little sour cream mixture with white pepper and little bit of vodka, so let's get started. Just going to do an assortment, we put a little dollop of this first, al dollop on all of them. Voila! That's all we have. Well, thank you so much for watching and this concludes our video on how to make pancakes and I hope you enjoy them. I am going to enjoy them.

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