How to Make Bubble Print Art

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Beth Wise demonstrates how to make bubble print art.

    Beth Wise: Hi, I am Beth Wise with Scribbler's Ink, an educational resources company in Orlando Florida. We have been talking about really fun summer activities. It's a great time too because it's really so hot outside and kids want to do something really fun. So today we are going to be talking about activities that will be great to do in and around water. One of the activities that I always think of first is making bubbles, who wouldn't? I can remember the times we had the little containers of bubbles with the little wands in them that you could take out and you could blow the soap bubbles. Essentially that's what we are going to be doing today but we are going to be making our own bubbles and our own wands making it a lot more fun and a little bit more educational. So to do that these are some of the materials that you need. You are going to need a large measuring cup or bowl with two quarts of water. You are going to need Chenille sticks, these are little craft sticks once have called pipe cleaners and these can be found in craft stores, so you want Chenille sticks. You need 32 ounces of a liquid kitchen soap, you need 16 ounces of a corn syrup. This is the kind of syrup that you might put on pancakes or waffles, corn syrup and you need 16 ounces of that. You need a smaller measuring cup either one half or one cup measuring cup, a spin. Four small glasses or cups and I am using disposable ones because I am going to be using dye and I want to throw them away and then you need some kitchen food colors and I have got red, yellow, blue and green just the primary colors to use. Okay so here is what we do to make our soap. We are going to start out with two quarts of water and I have just tap water that's at room temperature which is just perfect for that. I am going to mix with that one cup of my liquid kitchen soap. That's a half a cup and another half a cup, one cup of my liquid soap and then I am going to use a half of a cup of the corn syrup. The corn syrup is my thickening agent, the soap bubbles do great by themselves but if you will put a half of a cup of corn syrup in here it will make it a lot thicker which is great for this particular activity. I am going to stir that just a little bit and then I am going to pour my soap mixture and I have got a lot of excess so this will be great for some other activities. I am going to pour it into my cup. So I am going to put my soap solution into four cups. Now I want some color, it's a lot more fun with colors. So I am going to take my food color and I am just going to drop a couple of drops into each container of my soap solution. So I am going to drop about, let's do four drops and each one of these soap containers is about a cup of soap solution. So I have got four drops of yellow, four drops of red, four drops of blue and four drops of green. Of course if you are really creative and your kids want to experiment with mixing colors you can have some other containers and have them mix red and yellow together or blue or green together and see what kinds of secondary colors they can get. So there is my yellow solution.

    I have red solution, my beautiful ocean blue soap solution and my green solution and while those are settling, I would have the kids take their Chenille sticks, choose their favorite color and my favorite color is blue. So I am going to take blue and I want to make a wand out of this.

    Now the only really important thing to remind the children is that this wand has got to have -- it has to be closed, so whatever shape they want to make it, just make sure that the end is closed and wrapped or the solution won't stay in your wand. So let's say I want to make a round one or say I want to make any shape that they want, I will just pinch it real quick and I will make a heart shaped wand. So let the kinds make their favorite shapes. Let them experiment they have got lots of Chenille sticks, so experiment with lots of shapes of the Chenille sticks. So if they just want to make a round one real quick that's fine. Notice the other thing is I am closing my shape and I have to have a handle on here so that I can dip it into my solution. Then the kids are going to go outside and we are going to put paper on the closed line or a fence, a wall, you can even do it on a table top but put paper down and then let the kids take their wands, dip them into the solution, fill it with solution and of course we have to experiment with just the bubbles first, so dip into the solution and gently blow to make bubbles. Now I am not blowing it in this situation but we are outside blow the solutions and you are going to get bubbles that are approximately the same shape as your wand and then whatever color your food dye is. Then on your paper, your hanging paper, let the children dip their wand in whichever color they want and blow it and when the bubble pops on the paper it's going to make this colored shape on the paper. So let them blow lots of bubbles to cover their entire paper. The next activity that we are going to do is another water activity but this time the kids are going to be participating in a little bit different way. This time we are going to have them pretend to be two of my favorite ocean animals penguins and those side moving crabs and we re going to let them race outside being this particular animal. So come on let's go see.