How To Make Buffalo Pierogies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diane Vezza with Mrs. T’s Pierogies whips up a batch of buffalo pierogies–perfect for game day snacking!

    Diane Vezza: Hi I am Dianne, professional recipe developer, food stylist and mom. Today we are going to bake frozen pierogies which is an easy way to use them.

    First, we are going to make buffalo pierogies. We take one cup of oil, one half cup of hot pepper sauce and one half cup chili powder. Stir it up, then we add one box frozen mini pierogies, and we mix all our ingredients together.

    Once everything is coated with the pepper sauce and the oil and the chili powder, we take a baking sheet and we pour our ingredients out onto the baking sheet.

    We are cooking the pierogies in a 400 preheated oven for about 16-18 minutes, just until they are puffed and golden. Now that our buffalo pierogies are baked, we are going to plate them and serve them.

    Just serve with blue cheese dressing and garnish them with carrot and celery sticks. Delicious!