How to Make Caesar Salmon

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Ray Hayes demonstrates how to make Caesar salmon.

    Ray Hayes: Hello, my name is Ray Hayes. I am the Executive Chef here. You are watching my series on how to prepare a Salmon. The next thing we are going to do is show you how to make a Caesar Salmon. So the second part of our salmon that we are going to do is going to be a Caesar style. We are going to put a little crab in poached romaine leaves. We are going to add the salmon to that leaf, we are going to roll them up and put them in a pan and put them in the oven and bake them till it is done.

    This is real nice, you can serve it hot or you can serve it cold with the Caesar dressing. So all we need for this is really simple again. You are going to need a little romaine lettuce, you are going to need some crab that you can buy in your store and a canned crab, pasteurized crab, whichever.

    Basically, that is it, romaine, a little bit of crab, your salmon, salt, pepper and you are ready to rock. Take our romaine leaves, drop them right inside your boiling water that you have over here. It is going to take two-three minutes for them to get nice and limp. In the meantime, we can get our salmon over here, put this down, we put a little salt and pepper on that salmon and you take your crab that you have purchased from your market, put that right on top and that is it. It is ready to wrap. So that is it. You put your crab on top of the salmon as soon as your lettuce is done poaching two or three minutes, you are going to lay the lettuce down, pat it dry, just put the Salmon on top of the lettuce, roll it up and put it in the oven. Remember what I said earlier, everything in the kitchen is hot or sharp. So you might want to have a pair of tongs unless you want to put your hands in the hot water and you just pull your leaf out. We are going to take them right over here, lay them out on the cutting board. So there we are. We have our romaine leaves; we are going to put the salmon and crab on. I have an extra one here, just in case I tear one of them up or we are going to get a leak in there. So basically, all you want to do here is line up your leaves; basically all you are going to do is just shingle these. Shingle, shingle that one over and then put one in the middle just so you do not get any leakage in there.

    Now we are going to put the salmon on. The salmon itself, you want to put down here towards the white stock because you are going to fold this over and then if you can just lift your fingers up, lift your Salmon up, tuck that in. Now you are ready to go. Once you get done wrapping that the first time, you can take some of this stuff off so it fits better together, tighten it up. You want to make sure you get this all tucked into a nice little package. Let me put a little salt and pepper on top of the romaine and that is it, they are ready to go in the oven and we can start another dish.

    Now we are going to do is put the Caesar Salmon in the oven and take a little food spray, hit your pan with it a little bit. Now take the Salmon, put it right in there, you go right to the oven. This is a salmon; we call it Caesar Salmon because it is wrapped in the romaine lettuce. So we have these crabs wrapped stuff in there, the romaine lettuce has been poached and we are going to put it right in the oven. Take that out when it is finished and the nice thing about this dish is you can serve it hot right out of the oven or you can chill it; serve it as a salad with a little Caesar dressings and crotons.

    Alright, it is time for that salmon wrapped in romaine that we call our Caesar Salmon, it is out of the oven now; six to ten minutes and we are going to take that right on to the plate to make sure we know what we are doing here. There you go. Perfect, little medium-rare salmon wrapped in romaine with the crab meat on top. You can top this off with some Caesar dressing or little just oil and vinegar; outstanding. So there we go. Rock and roll, bam bam, ready to eat, medium-rare salmon crab wrapped in romaine lettuce with salt and pepper, it does not get any easier than that.