How to Make Caribbean Grilled Garlic Bread

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to make caribbean grilled garlic bread for a caribbean bbq.

    Michael Hedrick: Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate BBQ. Hey, what I am going to show you right now is something that I learnt when I was on vacation this winter. I went down to the Caribbean in the West Indies and one of the stops that we made was on St. Thomas and on St. Thomas we were at Megan's Bay. Megan's Bay is one of the top beautiful beaches in the whole country and well, when I am there I smelled a little bit of charcoal. Well, I met a man that was up behind me who came to be a friend of mine and he was cooking for a wedding reception and they had fish all these different kind of stuffs. So being one kind of a cook guide to another he let me in there and started telling me stuff and introduced me to everybody as, 'This is my friend from America.' So this recipe is from my friend in St. Thomas. What he told me first is get yourself a good piece of French bread. So I already got just a little bit of a crust going. We need to cut it so that we can get some butter and that kind of stuff. We have got a French bread, we have got some just basic butter here and we have got some garlic salt. Everything is really simple, but when people are having a grilling experience, a little bit of bread is going to call them out pop or maybe some libations they may be having. We do want to cut it, but he also told me that you want to break bread. Anytime that you are with your friends and your family and loved ones and well, my friend from St. Thomas, you want to break bread. So we are going to break this one in half and then we are going to go ahead and get it cut and we are just going to use a nice, sharp knife. I do not have a bread knife. I am from North Carolina I just got, hey, if you are going to cutting bread with it, it is a bread knife and get that cut in half just like that, not all the way broken in half. We want to go ahead and leave it together a little bit. This one here we are going to go ahead and get from this side. Again, not cutting all the way through because we want this to be friends and family and broken bread. So we are going to -- we have softened up some butter, we left it out, not out in the sunshine now here, but we left it out to so it gets to room temperature and we really want to push that in there. We want a lot of butter, we want this to be soaked in really good because the outside is already crisped up a little bit and we are going to be crisping up a little bit more once we have put it on this grill. So we want to go ahead and use a good, liberal amount of butter in there. I am going to say maybe, hey what the heck! A whole stick for this bread here. Whatever, it is for friends and family. If you want to go on a diet, barbecue is not the exact time to do that and we have got all the butter in there, that is looking good.

    Now what we are going to do is we are just going to take something simple. I have got some garlic salt. Garlic salt is really, it is going to be ground up garlic, it is going to be some salt, it's going to be some parsley, it's going to be a little bit of onion powder, a couple of things like that. You want to put that in there liberally. We do not want have to worry about bad breath and stuff like that, but hey, it is a cookout, we are outside and garlic is just a great thing to have. We want to go ahead and get that in there nice and good. We put it on the grill, if we just put this on the grill face down, the butter will just totally melt out of it. So my friend from St. Thomas told me that when we put this on the grill we have got our grill going pretty hot, we want to go ahead and fold it back up so it puts that butter, that butter is going to go ahead and get into the early parts or the tender parts of that meat, get this going, outside is going to get a couple of grill marks on it, we will flip it over, we will get up a couple of more grill marks on the second side, that is when it's time to open it up, get it there and get some of that butter to grill up. We are going to go ahead let this grill. We will flip this over here in just a minute and it is going to be good. Here is what we have got now, is we have flipped it over, I have to get a few grill marks on there and now we have got some nice grill marks on the inside in there, but you know what, we do not really got to cook this really hard. The bread has already been cooked, butter is going to be great, we just want to make sure it's melted up nice, we have got a nice crust on that outside, we have got everything nice and melty, we are going to throw this one back together like that and it is time to serve that up with everything else we got going today. We are going to go ahead and while we have got some sunshine, we are going to go ahead and get some Sweet Carolina Tea going here Sun Tea style so you are going to enjoy that. Right now I am going to try a little bit of this caribbean garlic bread.