How to Make Carolina Sweet Sun Tea

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Mike Hedrick demonstrates how to make carolina sweet sun tea for a caribbean bbq.

    Michael Hedrick: Hey guys, Mike Hedrick, Pit Pirate BBQ. Hey, we have been munching out, we have been getting a bunch of stuff cooked up, but you got to have something to drink too. Nothing goes better with barbeque, better than a Carolina Sweet Sun Tea. You can make sun tea, you can do it on your stove, you can do whatever you want, but hey! we got old soul up there working for us already. Let us get in doing something here, everybody is talking about gas prices. Lets us get the sun to do something for us. So we are going to go ahead and use the sun to make our sweet tea.

    We are going to use cold water, we use cold water instead of hot water. You can probably make it go a little bit quicker with your hot water. We are going to use cold water and then what we will be able to do with that is we are going to put our three teabags down in there. We are using cold water instead of hot water because your hot water comes out of your hot water heater, there could be minerals in there and all that kind of stuff and this is going to be a lot fresher.

    So we just want to dunk that down in there, we are going to put our lid on there. We are going to set this in a nice, sunny spot here for a handful of hours and the sun is going to start working on it. It is going to get darker and darker and darker and by the end of a workday, you got some sun tea. When the water gets all warmed up and it's nice, warm tea, we are going to add in probably about a half-a-cup, to three-quarters of a cup of some nice sugar to sweeten it up, got to have sweet tea and then from that point on, let's put it together with the big meal, maybe add a little mint julep to the top of that thing and have a nice tea in the sunshine on a summer day. Well, that's how you make Carolina Sun Tea. We didn't fill it all the way to the brim because we are going to put in a bunch of ice in here so people would be able dispense right up out of there, but nice, sweet made from the sun, made with lot of love, Carolina for you guys for a caribbean bbq.