How to Make Cheese Fondue

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, professional fondue maker Emily Ball from The Melting Pot restaurant shows how to make the most delicious cheese fondue. This video will teach you how to make The Melting Pot’s Traditional Swiss Cheese fondue at home. The video walks you through the entire process.

    Emily Ball: Hi, my name is Emily Ball and with the Melting Pot restaurants. Today I am going to show you how to make cheese fondue.

    Right now, we are going to go over everything that you are going to need to gather together and so that you can prepare your ingredients to dip it into your cheese fondue.

    First we'll start with the bread; you are just going to want to chop it into bite-size cubes just like that. What we typically use at the Melting Pot is a blend of carrots, celery and cauliflower; but again you can use whatever your favorites are. Apples, these are excellent in all of our cheese fondues. We use a Granny Smith apple, again you can use whatever apple you like.

    So now that we have got all of our ingredients together, we can go ahead and start making some cheese fondue. What we use is a blend of 50% Emmenthaler and 50% Gruyere shredded Swiss cheeses. You are going to want to lightly flour them so that it will help the cheese to melt and not clump once you add it to the hot white wine.

    About 3-4 cups of cheese lightly dusted with flour should be fine for four people. You are going to take about 4 to 6 ounces of white wine, add that to your fondue pot, you are going to grab about half a teaspoon of fresh chopped garlic.

    Grab a half of a fresh lemon; squeeze about half the juice, then you're going to let that heat for just a second so the wine can take on all the flavors from the garlic and the lemon.

    You can go ahead and start adding your cheese and you are going to want to add very slowly. Once you melt a small amount of the cheese it's going to be a lot easier to keep it getting the right consistency. Kind of stir it around until the cheese melts all the way, keep adding and what you are looking for is for the cheese to be the consistency of warm honey.

    So now that that is the proper consistency, you are going to add your half ounce of the cherry flavored brandy. Kind of pour it along the sides there, so that that will kind of help to burn off the excess alcohol and just a touch of nutmeg and five turns of black pepper and then you can fold all three ingredients into the cheese.

    So you can just grab your favorite dipper, dip into the cheese. You will want to let it cool, the cheese is going to be extremely hot. And it's delicious! Now you are all set and you know how to make our fondue.