How To Make Chicken Marinade

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Tom Papoutsis shows you how to make a marinade for chicken.

    Tom Papoutsis: Hi! I am Tom Papoutsis. Today, we are doing chicken basics, and right now we are going to work on marinades. I am going to use some extra virgin olive oil.

    Let's go ahead, we are going to put a couple of the wings in here and you could put whatever or how many you want. We are going to add some vinegar not a whole lot but enough. The vinegar actually is going to help tenderize things. So I am going to use some basil. Don't worry about your quantities, put enough in there to give it a little bit of spice, a little bit of color. This is cracked black pepper. Cracked black pepper tends to have a little bit more flavor than ground pepper. So I am not going to use this much, it's pretty strong. I am going to add a little bit of onion powder and of course the garlic is the same way.

    Okay, at this point I am going to grab a spoon and we are just going to mix this around. Just make sure it's well coated, get some of your spices on top of your chicken. What we are going to do now is cover this, put it in refrigerator and we are let going to let it sit for probably, minimum of four hours, that's it.

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